Grow 3: Quantum Haze

Good morning ILGM community.

It’s been about a month since our harvest and with the success of Kind Soil, I’m growing in it again. I’m excited to get this one going for a lot of reasons.

  1. I’m growing strains I’ve never tried.
  2. I want to see what Kind soil can do with 4 different strains.
  3. I’m using my new tent setup.
  4. We’ll be using the new Quantum boards for the first time!:sunny: :sunglasses:

The basics:

4 plants all ILGM seeds.
Purple Haze
Pineapple Haze
Super Silver Haze
Strawberry Kush

2 in 1 Topogrow grow tent. Dimensions are 4 x 5 x 6.5 with 4 x4 dedicated to flowering and 1 x 4 set apart for seedling and cloning.

1 chinese 300w (120w actual) led grow light until transplant.
2 x HLG Quantum 260 XL led grow lights from Growers Lights for veg and flowering.

Grown in 5 gallon fabric pots with Kind soil and Promix Bx. This is a water only method of growing. If you’re interested in the details:

Apera AI209 PH20 meter. The number 1 most important component of a successful grow. Ph EVERY time!

I spent the first part of the week getting my space ready for the bigger tent. Getting the tent over the frame proved to be a challenge considering the tent is 6.5’ and my basement ceiling is 7’. Also, there is a mylar wall that goes inside the tent to divide the space into 2 rooms. The wall velcros into the inside and, as you can guess, is nearly impossible to get perfect. I took my time and did a pretty good job with it but the dark test showed some light leaks around the wall. A nice strip of duct tape around the seam and all is well.

Dropped seeds last night in 1 oz of water with 2 drops of H2O2. This morning, each took a poke and sunk.

Once the seeds crack they go into their nursery pots.

The seedling mix is 1/2 cup of FFOF in the bottom with Promix Bx on top. I will transplant into the Kind soil.

When I sat down to start this journal, this guy was hanging out with me.

Hopefully this is a sign of good luck. :v::sunglasses:


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If I’ve missed someone, sorry, please set feel free to follow along :v::sunglasses:


Didn’t that thing fight Godzilla


Awesome!!! Love the setup!!

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Look at those sexy new lights! Thanks for tag, I’ll switch to watching.


You’re in the QB club now, awesome! You’re gonna love them.


Cant wait to see those gals go under the QBs!

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Watching! Good luck @SilentHippie!

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24 hrs after dropping seeds, all 4 have cracked and showing their tap roots. Into their seedling pots with humidity domes under chinese led set at about 32". Light will be on for 24 hrs until they pop up. I want them to see light the moment they open their leaves and we’ll go 18/6 after that.


@SilentHippie tha exactly what i do as well
24 hrs till they break soil tben i use a 16-8 schedule otherwise :+1:

Woohoo on the mantis they are always welcome in and around my gardens


Set to watching. Love the new tent!

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Happy monday growers!

It’s been an exciting couple days filled with joy and angst.

All four seeds cracked within 36 hours. Straight into seedling pots. I’ve used this method 3 times with 100% success. As soon as the seeds start to stick their taproot out, they go in. I don’t want to risk damage to the taproot by letting it get longer and it’s working for me. One thing that did happen this time is all 4 seeds came out with their seed hulls still on. All came off with no problem but the Strawberry kush didn’t want to open her leaves up. The Super Silver Haze had me concerned. She managed to work nearly the whole taproot out of the soil and was kinda laying over. I put it back in and for a day or so it didn’t look like it would make it but a full light cycle and it’s perking up.

Thanks for stopping by. :v::sunglasses:


Oh Babies! Cant wait to see them all grown up!

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sweet set up got a ? what spectrum did you get and why ? 3000 is what i am looking at for flower .for a
5’x5’x 80’’ do i need 2 to cover this 5x5 ? i mo thing is it worth the few extra to have them build it ?
@SilentHippie @dbrn32 tag you Too! cus well e 1 know why i would

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Three of those xl 260 kits is what would be recommended for flowering intensity in a 5x5.


I went with 3000 and plan to use all the way through. They didn’t have the 3500 in stock and I was told these will do the trick. I chose to save the $35 and assembled them myself. Watched a couple YouTube videos and it’s a snap to build.


thanks my budget is for 2 so looks like it will be for the 4x4 tent for now @dbrn32


You’d still do ok. If you want the 5x5 I’d say get it and try to add the third fixture sometime in the future.

thanks i dont want to hijack Silents journal so i will hit you up from mine sometime @dbrn32