Grove Bag Curing for Beginners

I have a buddy that grows some really good North Lights. Occasionally he overdries it. Until I got the bags, I would pop a small piece of celery in the jar. Since I have gotten bags, and we traded some NL for my GFOG, I put his in a bag with a meter and it was at 42%. Popped some celery in it, got it back up to 60% and pulled the celery. 1 week later his weed tastes, smells and smokes so much better. I do not toot other horns often but do give credit when due and these folks hit a homerun with these bags.

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I will be bucking and bagging mine tonight in these. Love them.

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Who’s got coupon code ?

Thanks guys. This is very helpful.

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Got 4 lbs off 12 plants. Satisfied!!!


So i read on the grove bag site to use the moisture meter on the stem near the bud. Others here seem to be doing it in the bud instead. I notice the stem is reading much higher than the buds. Something like 25% for the stem and 18 ish for the bud. Just wondering if you guys ran into this and what your thoughts are.

Thats interesting as one of thier reps told me in a conversation (about 1.5 yrs ago) test the bud NOT the stem. Maybe they have revised thier advise???

Maybe. Guess I’ll check both until i know different. Seems like checking the bud it working for people here.

Logically speaking i think test the buds as they are what im drying, not the stems.

I just checked the site and you are right…they have re-worded

Tips for curing with Terploc

  1. Invest in a moisture meter: for an accurate moisture read during the dry process, stick the stainless steel pins into the flower stem.

I think if you consider old school small stem break and sticking the moisture meter all over you will get something correct…

When checking the buds i teat all over the “cola” and average the results.

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Hi guys!

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