Grafting sheers



They worked for me on tomato plants


Interesting tool
What would be the benefit of such a tool in my arsenal
Do you graft different starins together
Im intrigued with this
I know that these existed bit was just wondering what you actually do with them in your garden @Fishead and welcome to the forum noticed youve been here for a few weeks already
Happy growing :v:️CB


Well the sheers are bad ass,they do all the cutting of the notches all bad ass.
They definitely work better on the thicker branches cuz there’s more meat to grab and cut.
And the smaller ones razor knife or exacto knife works best…
I’ve always cut the smaller ones on a “long angle” the more meat touching together before wrapping them the better chances they have to fuse together.
I have yet to try it on my plant, but tomatoe plants yeah, and they’re kind of similar.


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There is another thread on this I tagged you in on let me shoot you an invite super cool thread goin on grafting