Gorilla glue auto from Massachusetts outdoor grow


Im growing two myself. Hope they come out that good!

Nice to see some growers on here from around my area, I’m right over in Rhode Island! Plants looking good my friend !

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Second topic? Either way, looks great!

My second Gorilla Glue wasn’t very big but its taste and high were great! A lil dry mouth but hey ?..Pretty much what you are showing @WesternMass420 Yours looks good too!

Wmass here as well. Looks good. Hoping to try an outdoor or two next season.

Looking good

Aye its a party now im in Connecticut

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The first group of 6 I planted were lost to bud rot, this was my second crop. I just did a trim this morning in preparation for harvest later this week. Kind of on the fluffy side, but it has been a horrible year weather wise in this area. Crazy heat and humidity. Record rain……

I also grew a second batch of bubblegum which I just pretrimmed today also. Nice hard buds, on the smaller side but looking good. All my seed came from here. I did have a few strange plants, very tall with only a few branches. I had given away a bunch of seedlings and a lot of them had the same issue so I am guessing weather conditions did that. LOL, they are actually budding pretty good. From now on it is going to be clones for me.


@WesternMass420 Nice Colas! Interesting that you live trim flowers. I’ve only heard of it but how is it working for you? What are the reasons? How long before harvest do you start trimming?

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