Golf Leaf - Adventures in SCROG


I haven’t decided yet CB.
Thought I read on someone’s grow 16"?
Not sure if that’s above the plant base or total height.
How high was your SSH SCROG last summer?


@MattyBear. Here the next project.
Enjoy, my friend, thanks for following along.


@North_East_Newbie I’ve made more popcorn for others @DVM and I’ve taken a seat to watch this grow. I’ve admired GL, and every time I buy seeds, that darn GL comes up as an option. Hmm…


Thanks for the tag bro! Your green thumb is showing! Great looking girl.


I’ll be following along, excited to see what GL can do out doors got some clones going as we speak getting ready for spring. Looking great so far.


@Covertgrower thats how i ended up getting them :slight_smile: im glad i did


What a great setup @North_East_Newbie and your tent is clearly dialed in as your plant is the picture of health! I used a scrog that was 18" above my pots or from the grow medium.

That’s going to be a monster NEN


Following this.


Following along! :green_heart: :seedling:


I just measured mine on the GL. My bottom screen is 9” from the top of the tote. 24” from the ground. My top screen is 15” from the top of the tote and 30” from the ground.


Those mesurements sound about perfect :ok_hand: @Bogleg especially if using plants grown from seed or small clones
I scroged my ssh monster cropped clone but screen was set at 3 & 1/2 foot since plant was already 4 foot tall when i moved outside in spring :wink:


That sounds about the same as this plant. The canopy is roughly 9’ from the soil.
Thanks @Bogleg


Thanks @Screwauger.
I think the SCROG will be between 9 to 12" above the soil for this grow.
I find the 3x3’ tent easier to maintain, than the 5x5’ one. probably because there is only one plant to focus on.
Hoping she will fill in the full screen and produce some quality buds


@North_East_Newbie I scrogged my GL and vegged for about 8 weeks and I only filled half of my 3x3 tent, but I had two autos in the front half so my scrog was only 1.5 x 3 but that was plenty for me?


I look at each grow as a science project.
I’ve tried photos & autos.
Tried indoor & outdoor grows.
This is another method I’ve been excited to use, to improve my results.
Always looking for quality over quantity :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


The plants looks nice. I really do not have any experience with SCROG so I cannot comment on that. Looks like nice and healthy. Gonna watch your grow. :us::man_farmer:


I grew 2 photos in my 3x3 in a scrog my first go around. I knew then, one would have been ample.
I tried 2 auto’s in the tent this go round and then didn’t have the heart to cull one of my seedlings so I grew 3 autos.
I have learned the following
2 photos is too much
3 autos is way too much
2 autos is too much
From now on I am only going to grow 1 photo or 1 auto at a time
Or this tent is relegated to drying tent and I get a 4x4 for growing. @North_East_Newbie


Every grow is a learning experience for me…what works, what doesn’t.
I am finishing up a grow of autos & increased the nutrient feeding by 2-3 times compared to my first grow.
The buds are much heavier & dense. (I will always over feed my girls from now on) Always looking for the right balance of intense feeding vs. over feed & nute burns.
Adding a tent could be a good idea & keep the 3x3 for seedlings, early vegging & drying.
That way you could keep a constant grow in rotation.


Your girls are beautiful and look very healthy…:sunglasses:


Got the screen installed.

Screen is 11" rom top of soil

Fed some flower power grow nutes, Ph’d to 6.5