Golf Leaf - Adventures in SCROG


Nice job on the scrog :+1::sunglasses: my next grow going to do it.:ok_hand:


Looking nice


Looking great.


And now the tucking begins! @North_East_Newbie looking good!


Canโ€™t wait til she fills the screen! :grin::+1:


Patience young whipper snapper patience


Lol lol lol lol.


Firstly @North_East_Newbie Great journal so far with excellent photos and information.

The ScrOG looks fantastic.

I must get me some of this Golf Leafโ€ฆ

Great Growing my friend!!


Thank you @Screwauger.
This has been a fun grow so far.
I love the Gold Leaf genetics, almost grows itself.


True words @North_East_Newbie You will not be disappointed!


Just received some Gold Leaf seeds last weekโ€ฆ:sunglasses::+1:


You flipped already right?


Heck Yeah!
Let the fun begin @Kcdaniels!!!


Yeah buddy, I just received 20 of those little jewels.

And they look even more healthy then the last batch


Switched my lights to 12/12?


Yeah - that was what I was asking. :slight_smile:


Not yet, my friend.
I want to fill the screen in more before switching.
Hoping for a 3x3โ€™ carpet of green. hahaha


Fed her 1 gal of water with a Tbs of Cal/Mag & Liquid Seaweed. Phโ€™d to 6.6.
Been tucking new growth.


looking great @North_East_Newbie all sprawled out good!


Thanks @BIGE!
Got a long way to go, but sheโ€™s off to a good start.