Golden Leaf Auto

Keep it going or pull it and let it dry? Week 7 maybe early week 8. Bottom left is a blueberry. All started flowering same time Thank you all!

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That Blueberry looks delicious!

Can’t quite see as much detail of the trics as I’d like to see . But pistils look right.

Very close if not already ready


I like to see some fall colors on the fan leaves before I chop. 8 weeks is super early, even for an auto. Need a close up of the trichomes.



Good Harvesting to you!
Waiting is the hardest part.
Close, but not yet, I think.
Outdoor, yes, maybe.
Indoor, not for a month, maybe.


I’m seeing amber in the sugar leaves
But clear and cloudy on the buds themselves. I would wait a few days, personally, to see more cloudy on the actual buds. The sugar leaf trichomes mature faster and are not an accurate representation of the plant’s overall ripeness.

Agreed totally with this and @Jaysittinback - close but not quite.

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I agree with above. Looking great and nearly there. Let it ride a bit and get those fan leaves to turn Gold Leaf!

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