Gold Leaf quandry

I just can’t tell if the Gold Leaf I have in this grow is what it seems. I can’t remember straight up but I have to think it’s an Autoflower as it started flower well before the other 3 plants and my changing the lighting.

Overall the plant is loaded with female flowers and is growing very rapidly. When I got close into it today to see if any pruning was needed and if I still might find a shoot the could still be cloned I noticed what appears to be male pods at almost every flower and node on the plant. Unfortunately I don’t have a camera sharp enough to get clear inages. So I’m scan in images of both a flower and the suspect pods afainst a white back ground. So here goes.

You can make out 2 of the pods right at the bottom edge of the pic. They have the footbal shape but may have 2 to 6 protuberances (pistils?). Any help you can give will be appreciated. I’ll be very pissed if the Bad Luck Fairy has flown by and crapped on my head again and I wind up losing the whole grow

Many thanks and toke 'em if you’ve got 'em.

Males do not have pistols that looks like female bud to me but also can’t zoom in on picture

DONT kill That girl . that tear drop shape is a girl … Down load Roberts ILGM Bible it covers your question and has picts and its free

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Looks like a female to me dude…

Many thanks for the info.
Being quite new to growing I’d never seen nor heard of as many female pods in all the places this Gold Leaf has them. Especially to already have really white haired buds as large as the end of my thumb. I had thought these pods were too elliptic for male pods plus there’s no fullness to them if you mash them, they just flatten right out. But, as I said, you have understand my proclivity for rotten, evil ass luck to understand why I am so gunshy. Like last grow I had 4 “guaranteed” fem seeds to start. By the time those were big enough to all be sexed, one had balls nearly as big as mine. Then as the 3 remaining plants were getting well along toward harvest, I waited wanting to see about 1 in 10 amber Trichomes before harvesting. I was still waiting when they self-fertilized. So up with the seed bank and down with the sensimillia.

During this current grow I have 3 plants in 3 in. net pots in 1 dwc reservior and the 4th plant in a smaller 6 in. net pot and a 3.5 as vs. a 5 gal. reservoir. The solution was all mixed at the same time so it is identical in every aspect. As the transplanted plants (the 3 plants were transplanted a week later after the first Golf Leaf seed didn’t germinate) take off the single plant gets leaves yellowing in the center and yellowing and curling at the tipalong with retarded growth while the 3 plants together are green and growing like hell, putting on fan leaves as large as 6 in. long and 4 in. wide.

Oh, what the hell, I guess. I do got some damn nice foliage to take pics of if it don’t make a dozen buds.

Happy growing, everyone.

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got any picts?? curious to see what your describing… Plus never quit growing no f---- matter what .if life gives you mites ,come to this forum itll help you smite them if ph blues got you down come here to up a change if the rooms to hot chill in the lounge , if black suit devils show up hit them between the eyes with Bergman’s grow bible if you got lock up or out come here for cutting edge info . if life gives you hermies make hash my friend , WHY because your a grower . we mite be medi or recreational .,inplain site or hidden under ground . as fellow growers you have our support … … best advice i ever got was K–keep… I–it…S–simple…S–silly . kiss


Hey, Dude. Thanks for the reply.

Wish I could have got some picts when the plant was at the stage that made me panic. I just don’t have a cam with good enough resolution to get that level of detail though. Anyway time has told and it’s flowering like hell. Nice, beautiful, white-haired buds out the ying yang. The pods, as I saw them at the ttime, were really too enlongated to be male “footballs” and had more than the “ducktails” coming out of them. (Ah, hell, when you get your first prescription for bi-focal glasses someone ought to shoot your ass anyway,)

You got it on the hash. Wound up doing that with my last grow after the plants self-germinated and another plant in the previous grow that never colaed. Plus call 'em water leaves, sugar leaves, whatever, I never waste a Trichome that I can spot.

I’ve tried everything I can come up with to try and get pics of the buds on this particular plant. Here’s the best I could come up with.

Uploading… Uploading…

It seems now that the damn thing has just quit growing. The other plants in the grow are 3 to 4 times as large and massive even though I’ve moved the Gold Leaf into its own 3.5 gal reservoir as it had seemed to strangle out in with other plants. (Its root structure is pitiful compared to the massive beard the other plants it had shared the reservoir with previously.)

on the picts ,.move the camera back 6" and set it on something solid then take picts mite help… is this plant covered in 3 pronged leaf patterns only ??