Gold leaf genetics?


@cyberblast There are many online. Prices vary alot. I get mine for 3000mg for $150. Lasts me about 2 months.

Not all areas of NM are as MMJ friendly as where i live. The laws for the most part remain the same if you are licensed legal grower. But not all areas have law enforcement that are ok with it. There are always those that try and press their luck and cops that will push it if they do. I try and stay as legal as i can. I have a sheriffs grandfather that delivers water to my girls. My yields are always past legal so many times i just throw it away because i have no one to give it to and don’t want issues.


@Fepony I will go online and see what I find. I think first I will try Roberts and see how it helps. Didnt realize that it was that expensive. But guess I shouldnt be surprised.

Yea, I can see how it could vary from county to county. All depends on the mentality of the sheriffs and the folks in the county gov. Dont know where my son will be going there but hope he gets into a county that is bud friendly like yours. Might visit him for a few months.

And hearing that you throw away alot of bud…arrrggghhhhh. I know you have little choice if you want to stay legal, but it sure makes me sad. Especially knowing how much I could use it. But oh well, that is life. All I can do is wait for my girls to grow up. Will be anxious to see how they produce.


I haven’t thrown any away yet…only if i have to.


Turn it to hash…weighs less