Gold leaf genetics?


Does anyone know any sort of background on the gold leaf strain? I know it’s a secret but I’d at least like to know a little genetic history. I just finished growing my first crop and it was a very successful harvest!


Other than the description at the seed bank, no. I’m growing some too so nice to hear.


I love how it grows and based on the foliage, I am guessing it has Blueberry in its genes…
But its anybody guess…


I just trust the wizards at ILGM. :sunglasses:


I need a houseful of tents so I can grow all the strains I want @ once. Gold leaf is on my to try list. Got it narrowed down to four for next grow. Just gotta make up my mind on one. Hubby wants to try Crystal next.


Growing gold leaf myself for the first time and wanted to know how long should i veg her for. I have been looking online for this info an couldn’t find anything about the veg time. Also if you have any pointers will welcome them. Thanks.


It would be nice if we asked Robert to submit to Leafly


@Bluezdream , I have been told by folks here that my GL girl, which just started her 3rd week of veg, to not set to flower until at least 6 weeks of veg time and maybe as long as 8 weeks. Depends on how large the plant is and the space you have if you are growing her inside. I had originally planned to start her at 4 weeks but been told that is too young. And the veg time doesnt include the seedling time of approx 2 weeks. My girl is doing great. She is about 8 inches tall now and over 12 inches wide. Growing like…well…a weed. And boy is she starting to smell. Not huge amount, but when I open the tent I will get a blast to the face. Smells sweetish and a very faint skunky. More sweetish though. Its a great smell. I enjoy working in the tent and just taking big breaths of her. I hadnt expected her to smell this soon, but was told, yea, she will. Depends alot on the genetics.

Also, my GL girl is developing more bushy than tall. I just FIM’d her about 4 days or so ago and she has once again bushed out though that was expected doing the FIM. Figure to do it one more time than going to a scrog with her. I only have 72 inches in the tent so the scrog is the best way for me to go. Might be for you as well since these are normally tall plants.

Here is a photo of my girl at 2 weeks veg. She is taller now.

Here is a closeup of the girl a couple days after I did the FIM on her. And she has grown out fast. and now at 4 or 5 days since the FIM, she has just grown out big time. Fast growing for sure.

Good luck on your grow. will be watching here if you will keep us posted on how its going with you. I will do same or you can check on my grow log.

Good luck brother


My 2 were about 4 feet high and 4 feet in diameter. Each had about 15 colas. The main cola was about 18" tall and 4 inches in diameter. The others were about 12 inches x 3 inches. VERY sticky, long trics with red heads. Very fragrant. They love nutes.


@Fepony those sound good. Hoping my lady gets like that. Just did an LST on her branches and topped 3 of the tallest. She is growing good and before the LST was about 15 inches tall. She is already bushing out again and the inner branches are going up.


I never trim my plants. I just let them go. I did have to tie mine up this year, the buds were so big the branches were about to break.


I like to top them and sometimes do a FIM and also do the LST training. Doing the LST training spreads the branches and gives more growing room for the plant. Forms more tops actually without doing any trimming. But doing the topping adds more tips as well which gives me more at the end. :yum:


@cyberblast very nice. I grow outdoors in a small 10x16 area. My girls are a bit crowded but i already get more yield than i can use in a year and I give away pounds. Not sure i want to increase my yield. :sunglasses:


@Fepony Yea, I see your point, for sure. This being my first real grow I dont know what I will get. Might try an outdoor grow next year. Stealth grow def. Would love to have your problem with the yield. :rofl:


@cyberblast Well I am a legal grower but my yields are above what i am allowed to get. I have friends that need medical and i give most of it away. I keep enough day meds and night meds to last a year. (about 8 oz each) I give the rest away to people who need it.


@Fepony Would love being legal. Moved from CO just before they legalized it there. That sucked as its not legal where I am now. Might try to move back, but they are guestimating that it will be legal here in another year or two. Dont know how that will happen but would be great. Too many of those folks that want to tell YOU what to do but dont do what THEY do around here. I cant drink so dont but if I did, could drink myself dead…and its legal. Cant do that with bud. So heck…But the momentom is now in our favor.


@cyberblast I Don’t and would never live in Colo. Where i live the County Sheriff allows ANYONE to grow 6 plants without a card. The state allows you to have 8 oz. You can have 1 oz on your person. I would never live anywhere else. The law enforcement here is outstanding.


@Fepony Wish it was that way here. Has to be stealth here. CO, well, least I could grow it there without worry. Dont know where you are, I am assuming somewhere on the east coast. But wouldnt mind moving north from here. Gives you good guess where I am.

I just want to be left alone to grow when and how much I need. Dont need pounds, heck, ounces will last me, I just need to get away from the docs. They have just about ruined me. This grow is my last gasp to get some med that will help. If I should lose it for whatever reason, well, dont know. That is how important it is to me. I have never understood why this country was so against bud. I think mainly because it is something everyone can grow and they cant regulate or control it completely. Money is the main reason. Next is just control of people. That is pretty much it.


Actually buddy I live in New Mexico. If you were closer i’d be happy to
give you meds. I am sending samples out for testing, but you might also try
CBD’s for pain. They are 50 states legal.


@Fepony Well, you are a bit far from me. My son is going to move to NM in a few months. Glad that things go good for you there with the grows. Wish it were that way here. But short of moving, I wont be able to go legal for a couple years at least though the experts are saying that this area should go legal in a couple. Cant happen fast enough for me. This area, if i could grow outside, I would see some houmongous plants come up. This area would be great for some big bud plants outside.

Yea, am looking to dry some CBD’s. Actually saw some small bottles for sale at a corner store we stopped for gas at. Didnt get it cause didnt know it and didnt trust it from there. But might order some from ILGM here and see how it helps.