GDP Seedling Not a Picture of Health

Granddaddy Purple seedlings 16 days, coco with perlite, Jacks 321.
First noticed the spots two days ago. They now cover more of the leaves and now also seeing a small spot on a second plant.
Got three GDP going

Bottom left was the first

The one in upper left corner is just beginning to show the same thing.

This is from my journal with date, PH & PPM of what they have been fed.

They have been covered with a 7" tall dome, temps upper 70, RH upper 60s. Under a Chilled X1 Mini, 65w at 10-11" above soil (diffused by dome).

One thing, with the light lime green leaves, it looks like I need to jack up the Jacks.
Otherwise no clue why there are spots.


What medium are you growing in? It looks like it’s just the very bottom leaves. Are you getting them wet when you water?

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They are in coco. Leaves stay dry. I use a syringe when they are this small.

Hope you can figure it out I grow in soil and just started using Jacks. I know you have alot of grows under your belt just wonder if you buffered your coco with Jacks. Just asking.

I gave the coco a good soak in Jacks PH at5.8. I also added CalMag.
I did give them their fist shot of Fish Sh!t on the 13th. First time using it. I don’t think that should do any thing though.

OK don’t know much about coco except it needs to be buffered and watered every day. I know @Nicky uses Fish Shit.

I would get them out of the small pace and plant into a bigger pot u will probably find the roots are starting to bound together

You don’t need calmag. Just full strength jacks front to back. As for container size I would say that’s not relevant. Microbes won’t impact a plant negatively. Even if you gave it to them straight. Are there holes in the bottom of the plastic “pods?”

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Yes there is. It is a standard seedling flat. I fill the spaces I need with pretreated coco and compact it. I am not adding calmag to Jack’s. However I did add it to the Jack’s hydrating solution when I prepared the canna coco block.
I have used this process before and never experienced this leaf discoloration before.

I thought of that, but I know they are are not big enough to transplant and doing so could inflict more damage that what the possible benefit might be. I checked and they do not have roots growing out the bottom yet so they are good for a another day or two.

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Aha ok they should be right for a few more days in the seedling tray

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