Gavita 240v on 120v


I plugged by mistake a gavita 240v only on 120v plug and worked perfect for some hours. If I use it on 120 for some days will ruin my ballast?

@dbrn32 do you know?

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Can you get a picture of label that has electrical info for the ballast please?

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I dont believe it will hurt it perse, but you only get half the output. Dont take my word for it though. By my math the most youd get would be 530 watts.
Im interested in what @dbrn32 is going to say on this?

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I would be curious to see how much current it’s pulling and what actual bulb output is. I’m sure it would fire, but I would bet you’re not getting full output from bulb and the ballast is pulling extra current.

Do you have a killawatt?

2.9 amps at 600w. First week of flowering

3 amps at 120v isn’t even 400 watts, and that would include driver losses. Something isn’t right there. If it was wired to 240 it would draw 2.9 or so amps running properly