Fugly fookn grow!

I’m wrapping up my first grow, WW Fem and by the time its all dried and cured I’m looking at having 160 days in this grow, sprouted March 13th, Don’t get me wrong I’m happy and thankful I managed to make it this far, I accidentally sprayed the with cat repellent once, watered out of a dirty milk jug once, nute burn, lol but a good friend who’s been around grows his whole life says I’m looking at close to pound and a half return on my 4 plants, I ran out of money 2 months ago to invest in this so no tent, air filters or ppm meters etc, so needless to say I’ll have the 700.00 a month I spend now, wife and I both have medical issues, my Wife’s MS is horrible for her and weeds the only thing that keeps her from having to use opioids! But no medical here yet so here we are growing our own , but that being said these plants sure are ugly, I took them out if scrog and they went nuts lol, but it can be done, just keep reading and asking and it’ll grow can’t wait.


Congrats…good grow with no special helpers. Just think what you can do with a grow tent, and fan.

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Yep plan on adding all my other goodies for next grow will start my journal here next time for sure great bunch here,the other place you might get a response in a week if ur lucky

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we like to hear the sound of our own voices…lol


btw…got a 6"black fan for $16 on amazon…a 12’ section of 6" and a adjustable control all for a total of $41

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