Frequency of nutrients


Do you only add nutes during the weekly flush, or do you do any mid-week boosters?

I use Botanicare Grow, calmag, and liquid karma when I change out the water on fridays, but usually by Tuesday, I’m questioning if I should add a little shot of nute. I ph to 6 every day.


i use my nutrients about once a week…i will feed,then dry,water with mammoth-p/terpinator,dry, then water at your ph…lol it has been working for me.


During the weekly flush ? How often do you flush your plants . I flush once a month in soil and every 2-3 weeks in coco.
Never add nutes to the flush mix it’s pointless. Just washes away.


I guess I should have mentioned my rig is dwc. I change the water once a week. I also have a coco that I flush once a week. And no, I don’t nute the flush water. I meant for the dwc’s…, obviously, I nute the water when I refresh, but should I also give them a little something mid-week?


I’m going to ask @Donaldj and @ktreez420 for some help in the hydro as they are the best I know of in that area .


if you track ppm you would know through week if they are eating or just drinking if ppm drops they are eating depending how much it drops you top off with feed not just water if ppm raises top off with just water. Really on a weekly change routine there shouldn’t be much ppm fluctuation assuming ppm is right at res changes? I do 10 day res changes and if ppm drops much more than 100 within 4-5 days I top off with higher ppm and next res change raise ppm so it stays more stable ppm should be fairly stable between changes.


I started tracking PPM and try to keep it level during the week. When I top off my reservoirs, I check PPM and then add either PH’d nute-free water or PH’d nutrient rich water until I get the PPM where I want it. I top off twice a week right now, but for most of my grow I topped off with just plain PH’d water once per week and changed reservoirs completely once per week. As Donald said, with weekly changes I don’t see much change in PPMs. Plants are taking in a lot of water but PPMs are staying the same right now (day 54 from 12/12).