Free seeds?worth growing?

Ok I got 6 free seeds with a purchase of 3 seeds from a well known seed house (not here) as I only grow 2 plants a year for personal use are they worth investing 5/6 months each to grow them??? I mean they are free, can they be any good? Worth investing the time in? Need some input from those of you experienced with this. Thanks

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I’ll grow a seed I find in the corner of a drawer. I have two plants outside, the seeds I found in some of my stuff from the 90s.


I grew out a free jack herer and it has been my favorite smoke so far. Wish I had more


I grow inside one plant at a time. With that time investment I dont want to waste half a year! So anyone have experience growing “free seeds” from seed houses???


I grew some I got from ILGM. Does that count? I mean they weren’t just some random seeds, but they were free.

You sound like you think it might be a waste of your time to even try. Just give them away and go with what you know. Ultimately it will be you and your confidence (in yourself and your supplies) that will make the difference in any grow…


First free seeds! So I have no idea. I have purchased premium fem seeds only due to my grow style (one plant at a time) the seeds I recieved free are blueberry fem and WW fem but no info on strain. Could be real good or real crap, I just dont have enough expierance to know what I got. The seed house sells 3 strains of each from 11.00 ea to 40.00 plus each. Can only assume there giving away the cheapest as no info given about them??? So I’m at a point to harvest very soon and start again. Is my opinion on free seeds valid or not.

With very limited space I might would hold on to the free ones for now. Enjoy growing what you know you like. If you ever get stocked up or run out of seeds you will be happy to have those free ones.

Me personally I grow 4 at a time and I’d drop the free seeds just like I would some I’ve paid for. But I agree with @oldmarine … if I find a seed I’m going to try and grow it. Last 5 were random bag seeds that I had no clue what the strain was. Pretty good stuff.


I thought you were looking for advice? My advice? Plant the seed. Especially the WW (I always have a few of those growing and yes, they started as free seeds.).

Marketing has not held sway over my decision making process for years. I’d rather query this forum and talk to the guy who has no financial reason to “lie” to me.

I’m thinking the sender of the seeds wants you to succeed even with free seeds.

As for the specifics on the individual strain, try searching for “strain from dealer”. They will have the info.


There inlies the rub. No idea as to the strain. As they dont disclose it.

Some of the best I’ve had hasn’t had a name. At least I can’t remember it lol

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From what I understand each of these freebies have dozens of diff strains by dozens of breeders so no way to evaluate them unless someone else has grown them.

That is the strain. Blueberry and White Widow…

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Yes but aren’t they all breed with diff strains by each breeder?? So the WW fem from XYZ farm will be diff from WW fem from ABC farms. Am I over thinking this.

I would continue growing how you know. Invest over time in a slightly larger space, and eventually grow one out with your preferred selection as well.

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Ever heard “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”?

To find out anything about the seeds will require you going to the place they came from. After that? It’s up to you. Good luck. Happy growing.

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Untill the legal thing changes in my state that’s the most I will grow and just dont need any more of it than that as well

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100% understandable. Still almost totally illegal here, though they did change medicinal laws and have broadened the spectrum on that for more patients to access.

That’s interesting. They’ve always disclosed what freebies they were sending when I purchased. I’d set it aside. Could be a cbd strain.

I did a free seed grow a couple of grows ago WW and BB plants were fine

They just referred to them as ww fem and bluberry fem. But they list several WWF and bbfem for sale from diff sources.