Free or cheap supplies


I know there are many Amazon shoppers here, and the site allows us to mention Amazon, so thought I’d ask. Are there any people here that do product reviews on there? I’m asking because I get deals through AMZreviewtrader, for giving reviews. You have to post through reviews on everything you purchase from Amazon to get picked for the discount, because they monitor your profile. But there are tons of useful products for free or hugely discounted. PH, and tds meters for $1-2, various led lights for silly cheap, shears, bubble hash screens, etc, etc. And I just seen these items a few minutes ago. It’s worth giving a look if your on a ridiculous budget like myself.


Really? I would love more info @Blountville because I already thoroughly review any product I ever buy haha! Receiving a discount would be amazing!


I google how to get free items for review, and it took me to, and signing up is easy. There is a tool to pick categories of products your interested in, then you scroll through and click items you want. They then notify you by email if you are chosen to review the product, and issued a code to enter at check out on Amazon for discount. You have two weeks to post review, and feedback. It’s awesome, I ordered a couple extra pH, and TDS meters tonight for $1 a piece, for extras or gifts. Also ordered $2 bubble screens. And a $13 75W LED with 150 bulbs.


The light will probably be crap, but if so, will use on my seedling shelf. Who cares really for that price


Oh yeah, ordered 6pk of T 5 bulbs for $2


I’ll look into it immediately! Thanks for the info man I really appreciate it!


Wow!! I must do that!!


If I get discounts on any product I requested I will be stoked!!


You don’t request items so to say. You request to review items that are offered. But if you keep an eye on their page, just about everything turns up sooner or later.


Best thing to do at first is go to your Amazon profile, and click review items. Give detailed, professional reviews on everything you’ve purchased. Thanks to my wife, I had well over a thousand items, many being ladies or children clothes, Apps, I’d never heard of, etc. So it took creativity. Lol


Love it!!! Thanks for suggesting!


Getting shoppers to click that your review s are helpful adds points big time. It’s not a give me, you have to make yourself look like a serious customer who will provide a thoughtful review before you will be given the discount code.


I just got a 6ft iPhone cable for 3$!!


Check out the app “Wish”.
You can thank me later :v:


I will check that App for sure.


OMG that site is amazing!! I got a bud drier for 5 free shipping.


Told ya dude. I’ve got all kinds of crazy deals. Got some of those corncob style LED bulbs for $2 last week, they are ridiculously bright. Bid on them and check em out


@Jheezy you need to try this. I’m hooked!!


Wish? Ya I’ve looked at that cool cheap. I just never have any money. I cruise craigslist and see what’s free.


@FloridaSon I have gotten 4 meters from all between 1$-2$.