Fragile stems solution

A question from a fellow grower:

I’ve got just 3 shiva skunk plants growing in a plastic tent in my living room. They’re only 3 weeks old, lights are on 18 out of 24 hrs, growing in sowing compost, and got canna terra vega and Flores food for them.
I keep the tent temp at 70 to 80 deg. And water them every 3 days.
The stems are very fragile, is there anything I can do to strengthen them?
When is is likely I should transfer them to a bigger pot than the 3inch pots I have them in now?
How long will they roughly take to get to full height ? (Whatever that is)

Do you have air consistent movement. a fan help will strengthen the stems. Look to see the leaves moving just a little, you might need to use a small stake like a toothpick or bamboo skewer to keep them from falling over. I use twist ties and stakes to tie up my sprouts. Sprouts and young plants whose leaves are in contact with soil, coir, etc are in danger of damping off and or fungus attack.
If they are not getting enough light then they can get leggy and stretch also weakening the stem.
Hope this helps


Hi i have 2 purple kush plants and 1 gsc the 2 pk plants are on either side of the gsc. The pk ar looking good but the gsc is tall and not very many branches like the pk does and was wondering whats happening with them

You need to move your light closer to the plants. They are stretching up to be able to find more light. If you have CFL’s then they should be about 4" from the top of the plants.

To help support your plants you can put a little pile of dirt at the bottom of the stem, or grab a stake of some sort (I like those disposable bamboo chopsticks) and use a twisty tie to help support the growth.

Hope this helps and good luck with your grow!

Yep plants are way too far from the light. Ive had this problem before and just went outside and found little sticks on the ground which are just a single skinny branch leading to a V shape where it spreads out to another two tiny branches. This V shape is perfect for supporting young plants and you can snap the stick to what height you want. You can also cut a straw 1-2 inches tall, cut it directly down the middle so your able to fold it out. Carefully fold it upright over the stem of your plant and lightly push it into the soil. Theres lots of vids on how to do it, and it works a treat.