Fox Farms vs. Speedy Veg - ILGM Gold Leaf comparison Journal 04/27/18



You can’t compare an auto to a photo, your a PRO in that division ole pal. @Happy_Pappy


Why you, fruckisukis rascal you!


@smitty87 Holy Cow I leave for a bit and look at you green thumbers! Smitty they are awesome, I am impressed! I am also sending prayers and hugs for your toe.


@smitty87 You go Mr. Grow! You’ll be fine from here on out for sure my friend!


Thanks and I hope that your niece is going to have a full recovery. I have another appointment at Loma Linda University Medical Center on Thursday. The redness seems to be going away with the antibiotics they prescribed and the swelling is going down too. Both good things just have to keep a positive attitude regardless of what the results of the Thursday visit has in store. Thanks again for all the help with my grow! I think it is about time for me to start with the Beastie Blooms for a couple of weeks and we will see where they are from there. Thanks again and God Bless! @highcountrygal


You did it @smitty87 yes start your beastie bloomz and use it weekly and watch how quickly it makes a difference


Oooooohhhh, sky cam!


Well no new news on the plants they are doing their thing. I wanted to share the results of the Doctors visit. There was no talk of amputation and the standard making another appointment stuff. At the end of the visit the nurse came in and asked if we would be ok with praying for my recovery of course I agreed and we prayed. Then we went to an early dinner and this is the fortune that I received in the fortune cookie.@highcountrygal @Happy_Pappy @raustin @Laurap @merlin44 @Mrcrabs @Countryboyjvd1971 @Mitak17 @SmoknGranny @Newman444

Thank each and every one of you for the thoughts and prayers I truly do appreciate them and God Bless you all!


Awsome fortune my friend, glad for the good news on your toe.


Thank You Friend for the thought and prayers!


I’m glad friend. That’s encouraging. Brother, you are a great guy and pal and I pray the best for you and your family. If you need anything, contact me. @smitty87


Wonderful news!!!


Wonderful news and thanks for the update. That’s an awesome “fortune” to receive and of all the cookies it’s the one meant for you. :heart::hugs:


@smitty87 Thank God what a mess that was. Now wear armor plated shoes! I am now totally off my insulin and I am prety positive it is because of weed!


Still not out of the woods but we think that I’m on the right path. Time will tell. @highcountrygal


F. Farms flower

Speedy V. Flower

@Happy_Pappy @highcountrygal @Mrcrabs @mulegal


That’s healthy right there.


12 more weeks and you’ll be tincturing up.


And look where you placed in the lineup. WooHoo!


Now we’re making progress. Like Kojak. Who loves you baby?