Fox Farms vs. Speedy Veg - ILGM Gold Leaf comparison Journal 04/27/18

I was trying to find out if anyone is familiar with both Fox Farms and Speedy Veg nutrients. I am thinking about using both on different plants to see which one performs the best. Anyone have any experience with Speedy Veg? I think it would be interesting to compare the differences.


Never seen anyone on here grow with Speedy veg so I think you need to do it for the sake of everyone else :wink: and yourself! I say go for it


Go for it. I use fox farms trio and I never heard of speedy veg. So I am interested in seeing how it goes.


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I am going to do it. Below are a couple of pics of the ingredients of this product I am Not endorsing this product I think that more of a comparison. I have two small Gold Leaf plants I am going to use in this test and we will see how they progress. Neither of them have had any nutrients other than light doses of manure tea to help them out. Thanks for the interest in this thread! We will see how this goes. Hope this creates some interest in the community.

now the girls Day 1

Welcome all and lets get this party started


@smitty87 way to go look forward to seeing them grow. Nice plants too.


Thanks, indoor / outdoor grow 4 weeks old today in Southern California.

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@Smokin_ernie @MattyBear
This is the break down so far:

04/27/18 First feed

For the first feeding I am using 1/2 dosages of both products.

For the price comparison

Speedy Veg is $33.00 100 feedings full strength (Use every other feeding) $0.30 per feeding makes 6oz (1 feeding)

Fox Farms Grow Big $17.76 a quart makes 32 gallons diluted solution (Use every other feeding) $0.02 per feeding

Difference $0.28 per feeding.

(lots of math! Thank God for calculators LOL)

Pretty big difference for the total cost of feeding your plants. So far I clearly see that cost wise the Fox Farms Grow Big is clearly more cost effective. Lets see how things progress. Worth the extra? I am skeptical at this point but the proof is in the final result.

We will see!


I just started this journal and would like you to have the opportunity to see how things go!
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@smitty87 now you know I will be there for sure! I think I may start a new one as well.


@smitty87 Im new to this forum but count me in…


@Hi_419_gotaminute Welcome! You have dropped into manna from weed growers heaven!


@Hi_419_gotaminute Cool welcome aboard! Invite a friend if you want might be interesting.


@latewood Here is a little something that might interest you since you admin a nutes thread. Enjoy:man_farmer:

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Day 2: UPDATE both Speedy and Foxy F. have responded well to their first feeding. I am measuring their progress using a good old tape measure and here are the overnight results. This is 11 hours outdoors (weather temps permitting around 70 degrees) 6 hours indoors under grow LEDS.
Speedy went from 12 inches to 13 3/4 inches (1 3/4 inches growth over night)
Foxy F. went from 10 inches to 11 1/4 inches (1 1/4 inches growth over night)

Both responded well to the 1/2 dose of the nutes and the next feeding I will be using 3/4 strength. While the growth is pretty impressive I think that speedy has become more green and lush looking (my opinion).
I will be updating daily as time permits.
Thanks for the intrest and share this thread if you know anyone that might be interested.

Thanks All!!
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HEY @smitty87 that is a big difference in price per feeding but if speedy veg is superior then it will be worth it. Are they both under the same light? or each one have it own light? Just curious to your thinking of 1/2 strength or 3/4. Why not go full strength? I remember reading something to the effect that the nutrient companies spend money to make sure you can run full strength. Just something to think about. I go full strength and just watch the plant for signs of overloading but that is me and just what I do.


@Smokin_ernie The reason that I started at 1/2 strength is I was not familiar with SpeedVeg and didn’t want any surprises I.E nute burn. The reason with the Fox Farms is just to keep the comparison completely un-biased. Just my OCD kicking in. (LOL) I am upping the doses of nutes to full strength on their next feeding they both seem to be accepting the nutes very well. Thanks for the input and interest in this thread. That is another reason for doing this comparison I think that Knowledge is power and this forum is a very powerful tool in the growing process.

Thanks again1


@Smokin_ernie Sorry for the second post. They are in a small bathroom in my townhouse they share a 450 watt LED full spectrum, 1000 watt LED Full Spectrum, and 2 85 watt florescent photo bulbs. Its like looking into the sun when I open the door. So yes they share the light.


Here is a pic of the light setup. @Smokin_ernie


PIC of the girls after first feeding Foxy F. (Fox Farms Grow Big) on the left Speedy V. (SpeedyVeg) on the left.

Day 3: Update No major growth from either of the girls overnight seem to be drinking very well as the soil is pretty dry. Looks to me that Speedy V. (SpeedyVeg) gal is getting greener and spreading a bit more in the early stages of this test. Foxy F. (Fox Farms Grow Big) Is holding her own not much lighter and not quite the spread but looking pretty healthy. Overnight temperature maintained at 70 degrees +/- 2 degrees Outdoor temperatures 68 degrees to 79 degrees +/- 10 degrees morning slight overcast mid=morning full sun.

My thoughts this early into the grow not much difference. Still a bit early to make any conclusion regarding the out come. Time and sunshine will tell. I will post PICS weekly as to not pile to much B.S into thread.

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SRY SpeedyVeg on the right.