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A question from a fellow grower:

I have been following your advise for growing and have had excellent returns in terms of yield and aroma, but my grow doesn’t taste good. It doesn’t have a piney taste or even a flavor that I can recognize. I am drying my plants by hanging upside down for about 5 days where they are quite dry. After that I put them in canning jars and burp them once a day for about 1 hour.I have tried flushing the nutrients out of the plants for 10 or more days before harvest and not flushing at all and the result is the same. They smell and look great, but the flavor just isn’t there. Is there any advise you can give me to overcome this one final thing that is keeping me from a perfect crop. I am using GH Flora series for Nutrients


If you want great tasting bud add bat guano to your soil. But maybe its the strain your growing. ?
But ya …give it a try.
And Welcome to ILGM this is the best down to earth place to be.

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It is all about flavor and taste and smell and oh yeah, thc content…so bat :poop: gives it flavor…that’s easy, can’t wait to try it out!


You’ll thank me later when you do…:grinning:



Will have to try the guano as well. I’ve heard it’s good stuff so was planning on building a couple bat boxes for the property.

I tried some Purple Diesel one time that tasted like I fell flat on my face, with my mouth open, while walking through the swamp! Not pleasant at all! Helped with the pain, just not worth the taste to me.

Different strains carry different flavors. Filter your strain search for specific flavors and your sure to enjoy the taste.

If you’re seeking piney don’t select a strain that is described as earthy. That’s what I call muddy water.

Its possible that whoever grew that Purple didn’t flush properly, or whatever, but no matter what you do, the plant can only give you the flavors in her genetics. (Unless there is a way to affect the terpenes in a way I haven’t heard of. The pros here would know better)

Good luck with your flavors. To me, it’s about the most important factor. (Not to discount the importance of the effects :wink:)


so, Indonesian or Mexican guano? So many choices for bagged guano…how about worm poop? What flavor is that?
I have had that piney taste, tired of it…I blame it on my soil/compost and looking for improvements.


I love it…castings and guano…it’s all excrement to me…good shit!!


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Ya I was going to add the worm Casting but brain took a break right in the middle of my typing…lmao

Thanks for bring that up pigSquishy

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It comes in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, just kidding…who knows not me lol



I just harvested some clones about a month ago and they got nitro bat. One of them was Dark Star. Man what a smell. Crack the jar and your eyebrows raise themselves, but it has a very faint flavor. Although the taste has gotten better after a few weeks in the jar still very faint.


Do you use the bat guano throughout the whole grow?


Nope. I was completely out of smoke so I took some of the smaller stuff to get me by. Well, I never finished all of it. Just a few days ago I found some buds and rolled one up. I could tell that the buds where not flushed compared to the good stuff. I heard a few people say nitrogen during flower is bad for taste. I have used phosphorus rich bat guano for bud stage and loved the taste.


That may have been confusing. Yes I have, in the old days before I knew what I was doing. Well, still very much learning, nitro rich then phosphorus rich in bud and the taste was awsome.


Yes you do…i mix it with my soil and worm castings. I’m telling you my friend you can’t beat the stuff

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Ill have to invest in some next season then! Can’t come soon enough


you sold me on the stuff…I’m getting things ready for my outdoor grow season…starts May 1 for me. Some autos, my first time at those. Then indoors again for September.

so, 10 plants, in 5 gal pots…how many pounds of the shit should I buy?


Check out nitro bat. It has phosphate too. Buried Treasure brand nitro bat. Works wicked good for me.


Thank you for that @rjw71 I’ll look into that

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I had the exact same issue and I was using GH Flora Series. That is the second confirmation from two different sources that had exactly the same issues and the common denominator is Flora series from GH. Great. More money wasted. The learning curve $$$ has been steep for me. Thank you very much for this post. This absolutely solves my issue which is identical. that was 5 months blown due to Flora Series. Great. I never doubted the seeds by the way.