First try ,new to indoor growing in planning stage and finalizing seed order

Thanks for the tag! I just started too and I’m hooked. And everyone here has been really helpful and I have upgraded my setup significantly from new soil to a quantum board. I cannot wait until my first harvest.

Given that I’m a couple months ahead, hopefully Any issues I run into can be avoided.

Jonny Utah

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Save your sugar Leafs when you do your trimming. You Maybe interested in making a little oil. Everybody deserves to relax and get a good night sleep. Got my vegetable garden plowed yesterday. Happy growing.


Just wanted @kcj to see my topic and see the advice I received.

@SKORPION hey :wave: I lighten me joey what u got something for me lol

@ I’m hooked to this is such. A fun hobby I’m going to start growing all year round iv decided sometimes I take breaks here and there but I’m not stopping this time keep on going

Yes I noticed I’ve been reading lots of topics , many contain your comments. Now you can see how I set up and my adventure.

Check out Nectar For The Gods…most part it is organic. A lot of people bad mouth the results. BUT THAT IS BECAUSE THEY CHOSE TO NOT FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. With NFTG you have to unlearn what you learned using synthetics. All I can say is Nectar saved my first grow.

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Seeds scheduled for delivery Thursday.

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I don’t play video games man strong text


Iv used nector of gods before they have a big selection plus it’s organic to good shit works well but you’ll pay for it

Seeds sprouted today!!!

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I just started my first indoor i germinated in water then went straight to a 3 gallon soft pot don’t need to transplant auto from what I was told


Very sexy, nice start.

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strong textThat was actually my very first grow that I used nector of gods

@Enlightened420 this is how it all started.

Today I focused on light upgrade , I ordered a light I thought was 600 watt. However after wise counsel @Hellraiser I ordered a Vivosun 600 watt hid light.

Good start, it will evolve over time, what sort of 1000W led, don’t think I saw that included? l think it was a smart move going auto, for your first grow to get some experience, although I’m a sink or swim guy, so went photo, as I wanted more control.
(I’m a slight control freak, actually just a freak in general :joy:)
I see you have met my friend kcj,
we go way back, don’t we brother.

Good vibes and good luck :v:

Shen something Chinese I did order the Vivosun 600 watt hid. Be here in 8 days

Yeah the Chinese one wouldn’t be drawing much at the wall, Vivosun should do a better job.