First try at vape juice

Hi, I asked could I use vegetable glycerin as a solvent to extract the THC from my bud. I want to make both a vape juice and tincture.
I was advised that vg does not make a good solvent on this site but several other sites said it was ok to use. Well it is not ok to use. I have made my first vape juice and it is so weak as to be useless. So no more vg as my solvent.

I also used everclear on 9 grams of decarbed bud. It has been sitting for about 14 days and I think I want to strain the liquid. My question is ; Should I evaporate the alcohol and then add a mixture of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol?


VG is what you 8se to dilute the rosin/honey to put into vape cartridges. There are many ways to extract, press, alcohol, butane… but it’s up to you how you do it. Personally, I use the alcohol method. It works pretty good for me

Yes evaporate the alcohol, then dilute with VG.

OK, so to be clear, I evaporate the alcohol, then I add the vg and pg? I have read that pg is good for some reason or another. Do I need it?

Yes evaporate all the alcohol, not good to smoke. The PG thins out the rosin to where you can suck it up and put it in a cartridge. I’ve been using this, works good. You don’t need much either.

I use 20 to 30% PG and 70 to 80% VG. VG is thick and won’t be absorbed well by coils unless it is thinned out with PG, which isn’t as thick.

This is a good forum for some Info

THanks, I have just put my alcohol unfused liquid into a jar and put that jar into a pot of water on the stove. Is this the best way to evaporate the alcohol?

I use a glass casserole dish so I can scrape up the concentrate with a razor blade. I would never heat an open container with alcohol in it. I just set mine on the counter overnight and let it evaporate at room temp.

There are many way, just keep I. Mind, the fumes are flammable, so keep in well ventilated space. I put in a silicone dish with a cheese cloth over it and a fan and let it evaporate that way, takes 1-1/2 days or so.