First timer and white spots

As it states above I am a beginner growing my first plants, went with the Auto Super Pack, with GG, GSC, and Bruce Banner. I started one seed of each to see how it goes. I am in Hawaii, but at a higher elevation around 1700 ft so not as humid as you normally get. Typically days in the 80s and nights in the 60s this time of year (well, all year ;-)). I used the cup of water method to germinate and then planted them in small pots on Aug 1. Then found the forum and switched them to 5 gal. pots on Aug 11, they were also super leggy so I planted them halfway down the stem when I re-potted. I have only used Roots 707 soil mix and started fertilizing with Fox Farms Grow Big and Big Bloom two weeks in. Outdoor grow only in a fenced area with about 8ish hours of direct sun, trying to be discreet. No issues until recently when they were starting to get hit with leaf miner. Lots of bug and mildew issues here. Cut off the most affected leaves and sprayed with Dead Bug on Aug 24. Now there are these white spots which don’t seem to be mildew, they don’t rub off and also not something I have seen before on any other garden plants. Also, do they seem on the small side or is that just normal auto? So glad to have found the forum, so much info and so many helpful people! Thanks for any help anyone can offer. Hopefully these pics are ok.

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Nice looking plants. You must be on the lookout for insects and if this is all the damage then count yourself lucky.

I spray for a few days, wait a few days and do it again. CJDB is highly effective but requires several applications.

I wouldn’t sweat minor damage to lower leaves.


Yeah, mites can be anywhere (in crevices, on the pot, under the pot, etc). Start with soil drench, then spray from bottom to top both top and underneath the leaves. You will have to repeat according to the directions on the bottle (whatever you use). You may also wish to do your course of the pesticide you choose, then switch to a different one. I use Captn Jack’s Dead Bug, Dr. Zymes, and Plant Therapy (in that order).

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Thanks! Good to hear my plants are doing ok, like a new parent I am maybe a little overprotective. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the info! When you say soil drench, what do you use?

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The Captn Jacks and the Dr. Zymes… I just spray onto the soil only until it soaks the first inch or so… next treatment I move up the plant.

Thanks, I will give it a shot and see what happens.