First time outdoor grower. Need advice!

My state is finally legalized! So this is my First time growing. I see other plants on here and other forums that are in the same stage as mine, and just want to know if I’m doing this right and if I’m not, any advice is much needed!!
Luckily I found a seed from the “zkittlez” strain. And not having much $, I decided to let it do its thing. Expecting the worst, but hoping for the best.
Here’s my time line:
Germination (using the paper towel method inside a ziploc bag) 04/10/21

04/13/21 Planted in regular garden soil I had laying around using a plastic basic garden pot.

06/01/21 due to the original soil being old, and with roots from a previous aloe plant, I replanted in some new soil (miracle grow basic potting soil). I could tell the soil was old because my plant did not produce any new leaves or get height. Plant was about 6 weeks after sprouting.

Uploading: 205E24E5-84A3-4663-A0B0-883277C373E5.jpeg…

06/10/21 plant is LOVING the new soil and only 9 days later, the yellowing is gone, and leaves are brighter and growing way faster. No way to check the Ph but from what I see, she’s loving it.

06/14/21 week 7-8 veg. Clearly growing right? Doubling the foliage and height. New stems are forming and I’m almost certain it’s a female already. P.s. she’s kinda stinky :laughing:

06/18/21 plant is growing strong. This is about 9 weeks veg. Stage. Pistils are forming. I also started LST and VERY uncomfortable with it because I’m scared to hurt it. So I definitely need advice for that :grinning:

And then today…06/20/21. Just a few days shy of 10 weeks vegetative stage. I feel like planting it the first time in old soil stunted the growth as well as the light cycle. It was also knocked over and roots exposed. So I was scared it was a goner. The temperature dropped a few nights so I brought the plant inside, not even thinking about it needing a strict schedule. So I stunted the growth. (But then transplanted into MG soil). The stalk is doubled in width. The smell is phenomenal.

she’s showing signs of preflower?

So that’s it. People tell me that around here, with the temps and weather, that naturally grown cannabis could take up to 12-14 weeks veg stage. Is this accurate? I’m starting to see white hairs and I’m just so fascinated with this that I literally sit and examine it for hours. Hoping I’m doing it right and hoping that it’s almost flowering time.


Welcome to the community. :+1::+1::+1:

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Welcome to the community @420thumbz

You’re plants looking great!

Depending on which miracle grow product you’re using you may run into some issues. The organic MG in the black bag with gold lettering is good, but anything with time released nutrients will cause issues.

Also, you will want to purchase some mj friendly nutrients.

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Your going to need a bigger pot as well.

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The flower stage is dependent on hours of darkness. In most the United States your plant will begin flowering in early august and finish late October. Until then it will veg and get bigger.

I started two plants indoors in mid March and put them outside in late May. They tower above my head.

That’s my wife in the background, she stands 5’5” tall. (165cm)

I usually grow a couple autoflowers in the summer to hedge against loss. They finish around three months after you start them. On the right is a small plant that is actually a normal sized northern light autoflower that I started about May 1st and is 2 weeks into flower.

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So since I’ve already planted in MG, and it does have time released nutrients, which I understand aren’t good in the long run, is it safe to transplant again into something organic? And as far as the size of the pot, what size is best? What about those meshy like bags that trees come in when transported?

Welcome to the forum. As VF stated your gonna need a bigger pot unless your putting it in the ground.

7 gallons works great 10 gallon or more is even better but being it’s the end of June a 7 gallon pot would be fine.

I’m not sure which state but a 3 month or so for the vegetative stage is about right. I do bout 3 for indoor as well.

In my opinion being we are now past the summer solstice I wouldn’t lst or anything that will slow a runt
plant down period, as you need to get that sucker up above midget status. Lst topping and such will slow progress and you need that one on overdrive.

I would transplant it to a larger pot and let her rip as the transplant will also stall it a bit. We are entering flowering time now my friends as my super skunk is budding up already.

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I was actually wondering about the whole lst affecting it. So thanks for answering that for me. This is a test run. So I’m not expecting much, and the more I tend to it, and read up on stuff, I’m realizing I don’t know a lot about growing anything. I’m lucky to keep my succulents alive but we all know they don’t require much of anything lol

So I need:

To get a 7 gallon pot? What about irrigation? I’m worried I overwater and it don’t drain correctly. So any diy tricks?

Your plants big enough that overwatering shouldn’t be an issue but underwatering in that small pot will soon be an issue.

I would get it in a larger pot asap, I wouldn’t top it, lst it or anything. Just my two cents.

Water it every other day here’s a tip, stick your finger in the soil and if it feels dry water till runoff out the bottom of the pot starts and stop.

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You asked about my mainlined plant in another thread. Here’s a real good guide and should answer any questions.

I really enjoy the technique and my last application is currently residing in the dry tent. A few more days until cure and I’m expecting at least 250 grams.

Feel free to stop by my thread. I do a lot of experiments and I’m currently working on producing my own feminized seeds.

Thanks for yalls knowledge!! I will be transplanting tomorrow. Should I water it before or after? And miracle grow black bag. Gold lettering?

I’m also noticing signs of pests. My largest leaves are being nibbled on :rage: I read online that essential oils are safe. I have some natural oils bug repellent spray for humans. It contains lemongrass oil and cedar oil. Would it be safe to water it down and spray my girl down with it?

Again, it’s clear I’m a cheapass but I want this to be the least effort and see where it goes. If I need to invest in more equipment and supplies next to round, I’ll be more prepared

I recommend neem oil. Whatever you buy remiix to half strength. But that’s just me. I’m a less is more type of grower.

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To each his own, but I go with what works during veg. I spray nothing on once flowering really starts asyou smoke what you spray.

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Lot of us here use Fox Farms ocean forest or Happy Frog oil, it’s designed with marijuana growers in mind.


I’m a 1st time grower, too, and I take my plants outside for some direct light during the day but bring them in at night. I planted later… they sprouted on 5/29 so about 3 weeks old. Used organic garden soil and will transplant into 5 gallon bags in a couple of weeks…after July 1st. I bought the ilgm fertilizer and have been using it sparingly on my seedlings. The humidity is higher here so I don’t want to overdo it. I just hope I can get some nice buds by the end of the season.

My daughter has cancer and my grandson stays
with me some days while she’s getting chemotherapy. He’s 11 and I’m a little worried about the reaction if they see my plants. I want to keep the plants in pots on my deck. I’ve got squirrels that dig in dirt and deer that eat everything in my yard, so I’m just going to have to deal with it.

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Get a 7 gallon fabric pot, and some fox farm ocean forest soil. Transplant immediately. Wait a couple weeks, then start feeding it. I recently switched to maxiBloom and am having great results so far. Keep it simple.

I don’t know if you did your transplant yet. Its like most everyone around here says, Ocean forest is what you want. Don’t cheap on the soil, its the elemental ingredient.

06/22/2021 11 weeks UPDATE!!!

Wow. She stinks and if I’m correct, she’s a “she” right?! More branches and leaves and hairs and stalk is frothy and fuzzy.

This is so much fun!!!