First time grower: My seedling has a broken neck

I dropped another one a little over 24 hours ago. It’s starting to grow a tiny tail but still needs some more time before planting.

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Yeah they never sprouted. I’m germinating another seed now

Okay so yesterday morning i added 5mL of water to my soil to prep, then last night i planted and put the cup under the light. I have a feeling the last one didnt sprout because i may have planted it too deep and had the light too far from the cup, so i planted it just under the surface of the soil and i lowered the light. Is this a good height for the light?

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@HadenJP you look set up good. :crossed_fingers:

Should it have sprouted by now? No growth yet and i cant remember how long it took the first one to sprout so i have no sense of time to guage if this is taking too long or not.

Are you soaking the seeds in water for 24hrs?before dropping into the dirt?

Yes, I germinated the seeds in water.

How deep did you place them?

Basically just under the surface of the soil. Not deep at all.

@HadenJP it had a tail growing when you transplanted it? Misting under the dome for moisture also?

My SLH that I dropped at the same time (shot glass of water with 4-5 drops of peroxide) are above soil and working on leaves now. I’ll post an image later this afternoon.

Why the peroxide?

@MrRobot @Caligurl recommended it. Said that h202 will soften the shell and kill off any destructive bacteria/pathogens… growers use it in foliar sprays to combat wpm also. It worked great for me. The 4 SLH seeds I dropped prior didn’t sprout. Buuuuut I did have them on a seedling warming mat without a plate inbetween so may have cooked them myself.

The 4 with h202 popped in 3-4 hrs and were transplanted same day.

How much water are you dropping the seeds in?or just full the shot glass without measuring

Yeah i did everything right. I waited for a tail and then i planted them not too deep misted the dome and i lowered the light. I dont know why theyre not growing and I’m going to have to just quit trying when i run out of seeds because i cant afford to waste another $150 on a pack of seeds just for them to all just fail when i can buy actual smokable weed with that, which I’m currently going without because its too expensive to keep this shit up for nothing.

@HadenJP go ahead and give them a little drink tonight. If no results in a few days you need to contact customer service, if it’s ILGM they’ll give you a replacement. Maybe it’s not you at all.

Here’s my current look. A little wonky but I should be able to get these girls on track in the next few weeks. I take the domes off now for a few hours in the evening to harden them prior to permanent no domes.

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