First time grower here seeds just starting to sprout out of the ground

Think they’re looking good what do yall think

Looking really good. Depending on the soil your using. I waited about 3 weeks after transplant before started feeding the ff soil I used has enough in it to keep plants healthy.

I use coco loco coco and perlite mixed with the flora trio nutrients

And I didnt transplant but one they were all planted straight in there pots

Oh gotcha.

Not sure what’s wrong thought heat so got ac but others saying 82 85 isnt bad temp so I dont know now what’s your opinion

They are big and bushy. You can still grow well with higher temps as long as you have good air flow. Sorry for the delay in answering was super busy. My temps have slowly went up closer to 81 day temp. I know ppl that run higher just have to water more and constant air flowing thru

I was told maybe not feeding enough think that’s an option

That’s always an option

Lookin good guys just flipped

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Whatcha think guys looking good? I got a gnat problem will this hurt me I dont wanna spray stuff on my girls in flower if possible