First time grow and leaf issue

Hi, newbie here. I found one good seed in some weed my. Sister in law gave me so I googled everything to do and was excited to see it germinated within 24 hrs with the paper towel method. First off I have no idea of strain or anything of my plant. I do know it’s a pretty heavy head high that I get out of it so Im guessing some sort of Sativa. It germinated on 5/12/20. I put it in half potting soil and half compost. Im in the middle of making a grow tent on a storage rack inside. I also bought a 6 inch inline fan and carbon filter. My lighting is 3 led bulbs, 2 blue spectrum and 1 red. I have it on 18/6 light regimine. I can’t tell if its growing slow or not. It is starting to really grow leaves and then I noticed my first 2 sets of leaves at the bottom of the plant had yellow tips and started to curl up.

after tons of reading and googling im guessing its nutrient burn (nitrogen). I have not added any nutrients to it at all. The potting soil does have a very low amout of nitrogen, phosphate, and potash .21% nitrogen, .11% phosphate, and .16% soluble potash. Im not sure of nutrient content in compost. Any ideas what is wrong with the plant and what I need to do. It looks like its doing well as far as I can tell. Thanks in advance for any help. Oh also ph is somewhere around 6.5-7. I also have started watering with used aquarium water. Is this a good thing to do. I know it works nice on our tomato plants! Thanks!

Could be nutrient burn, could be that the bottom tips of the leaves were in contact with the soil before the growth spurt.

There’s a tiny bit of clawing on other leaves as well as a bit of yellowing at the tips. That compost could be a bit nutrient rich, but the plant isn’t screaming for help.

A bit of leaf curl/taco going on too. How are your temps?

Also. Those cheap 2 prong meters are fairly useless for pH. You’ll need a better meter.

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Unless you know what the pH of it is, and ppm readings are that could be bad…

Without knowing the sex, strain, etc…I wouldn’t worry about it. I’d invest in the sure thing.
Good luck!

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I’m assuming you’re talking freshwater aquarium.
I used to dump all my syphoned aquarium water into my outdoor plants. Lots of good stuff in there. But, as @Zee mentioned, you want the pH to be between 6.2-6.8.

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@Drinkslinger, Yea I figured that about the meter. Mainly using it as a moisture meter. I did the baking soda/vingar test on the soil and it is more towards the alkaline side. My fishwater is always 6.5 - 7 in the tank. The leaves have never touched the soil. Should I cut those affected leaves off or leave them? The temps are 75-78. The humidity is around 55%. My humidifier reads different than the other guage I have which says 44% so I leave the humidifier set for 60%. I have 2 small fans blowing on the plant 24/7. I just tested my fishwater and it is 6-6.5 in the bottle. I tested my RO water and it is the same.

@Zee, the ph is 6-6.5. What ppm readings are you talking about?

@Drinkslinger oh sorry, yes freshwater :slight_smile: