First time doing the SCROG

What node should I top my blue dream plants to get them ready for the scrog? After I top them I’m planning on installing the screen then.

Not recommended to top blue dream , LST instead

4th node. Top that thing. Otherwise shes gonna grow wild

Top and lst

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Curious as to what your thought is regarding the comment not to top. Is it based on your experience or do you have a reference as to this recommendation. I would think, because of its high sativa content and potential size, both topping and scrogging if desired, would be suitable training techniques.

Both experience and reading, they don’t react well they slowdown and truthfully dosnt pay out like other strains where it increases the yield , on my end I will never top blue dream

and some do good for that training some don’t

That is why we ask questions. Thanks

Ok next drop im gonna drop some ilgm blue dream and see this theory. Ive never seen. Plant be so bad off as a photo plant just from topling and lst stuff. This is interesting. Makes me wanna drop one now and get it going to see lol. Wife will kick my ass as i already have 15 plants in full veg and 7 clones i got to take root im running out of room. Anyq in mich have an xtra room i can rent out to grow some more plants. Ull get rent and some stash with rent payment lol. Need to get a nice polebarn or a good basement to start a hell of a grow in.

Every time I drive by a barn now on a converted hobby farm property of think about what I could grow in that.

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Me too. Where i love and drive around alot is like farm land. Alot of open fields everywhere. Just big ass buildings look abandoned. Its like man of all the things i could do with that dpace right there. I have multiple ppl who would be willing to jump in on tge project and i have plenty of ppl who can contribute the cash to get us started just getting it all rolling with the proper licensing and all will b a joke. Anyone around michigan wanna tey something out let me know i am definitely in for the run.

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Ive seen ppl say to top and lst. Im growing some now so i will let you know my results. Im doing both. Most sites ive looked up say to do it also. But ive never grow it before now so time will tell

Speaking about open spaces. I have a few seeds from bags i am going to just plant in empty areas and see what happens. Not going to do anything to them just see if they grow and if they are messed with

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