First serious attempt at growing

I setup an AC Infinity 3x3 along with the inline fan, a gifted burple light, Baby Bloom ebb/flow hydroponic system and little humidifier. I began with General Hydroponics FloraNova. In short order I realized the non branded light wasn’t to task so it was replaced with a MarsHydro FCE4800. The humidifier required filling twice a day so I built a huge humidifier with fan and fogger tied to a UIS power plug and controlled by RH. The ph was fluctuating heavily and the GH nutrient solids fell out of the 21 liter reservoir making a mess and probably not helping the plant. I had problems with deficiencies and yellowing/browning/wilting on older leaves at 3 weeks. It’s day 33 and I flushed and cleaned everything. I also switched over to CX Hydroponics products after looking at a grow room using these nutrients. Those plants and other input from two separate customers/photos convinced me to try the change. It’s early to say but the ec/ppm and ph seem more stable and easier to dial in. The photo was taken this morning. The lower dying leaves were trimmed afterward the pic. It’s Alien Moon Rocks.


I’ve usually only seen this when nutes were mixed out of order. You should be running silica and cal mag as well and those two items go in first, in that order. Then base nutes and any other supplements.

Plant looks good overall; nice job!


I flushed and cleaned the system then refilled using silica, calmag and GH in that order. Adjusted ph last. The sediment was still an issue. Maybe it was GH specific? The CXH is formulated so there is no solid material to drop out.

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A lot of us are using the Jack’s program: something you might look into at some point.


GH micro and Armor si silica don’t mix well together but there should be no sediment from mixing the GH trio @Wizbang . I got away from liquid nutes and moved to Jacks 3 years ago. I still have about a third left of the 30lb bags I bought back then. It is a literal bargain for hydro growing. I have enough to grow at least another year.

I bought the Epsom Salt from a garden center at the same time as I bought the Jacks nutrients and I still have half of it left. With liquid nutes you pay for mostly water…sadly


The first pic is four days ago when I switched from GH to CX in my fill/drain system. The second and third pic are this morning. I’m two days into the sixth week and just changed nutrients again to CX Head Masta and Mighty Bloom Enhancer. Next Thursday I’ll go back to normal nutrients until time to flush. Pics coming of the results.