First indoor grow strawberry cough

I’ve made it to the flower stage on my first attempt at an indoor grow. I have some general questions at this point.

I purchased strawberry cough seeds for this grow but it really doesn’t look like a sativa dominant plant?

Soil is ocean forest

Feeding advanced nutrients perfect PH

  • I’ve been in flower now for a little over 2 weeks and the bud sites are still very small. Is this normal? The plant is still putting on growth. I even had to transplant to a 5gal container at this point from a 3gal.

-should I be trimming fan leaves? I’ve seen this debated. I trimmed a few last week that were shading bud sites and didn’t see any adverse effects. Should I continue doing this?


Looks great! I defoliate at day 21 and 42 of flower. Some people do light pruning throughout and some don’t touch their plants at all. For your first grow, I would recommend trying to spread them out and waiting until they are done stretching and then remove some lower branches and leaves that will steal energy from the top of the plant

Thanks for the response!

When you defoliate does that mean remove all fan leaves?

Some fan leaves, and some of the small lower branches.

MattyBear’s suggestion of spreading it out is a good call. You can do some light LST on the outer branches and encourage them to grow away from the center of the pot. Just some flexible plant ties and you can tie it to the rim of your pot

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I wanted to start by saying your doing an excellent job, plant looks healthy. Another option is to tuck fan leaves behind bud sites exposing them to more light. She is still stretching by the sound of it, and is completely normal first few weeks of flower. Don’t worry about the bud sites being small she will pack on some weight.

Good luck with the grow :v:

Thanks! So much useful information on this forum!

If the roots can be seen. Time to replanr. Trimming fan leaves or remove most of them puts nutrients into bud. I think this is a fairly tall plant be patient give em water and light. Good job mate.