First indoor grow. Looking for insight though

I’m new to growing and I’m looking to get some experience. I know that I could handle the upfront investment and I have the following:

Two 4" air intakes (passive system) outside room is 68-70 year round.
2 4" fans for circulation
6"x16" carbon scrubber in using a 6" to 8" reducer to have an 8" inline fan 442cfm
It’s lined with reflectix

I have a galaxyhydro 300w LED. I know it’s not putting out that much but, I’m had it to grow regular herbs.
I have an apollo 400w MH/HPS set up too but, it’s not in a cool tube.
Lastly, 4 CFL (23w to supposedly 100w) bulbs for seedlings

I have CANNA Coco and I’m using Parts A and B along with rhizotonic and the PK boost for the nutrients. I see that 1 part A and 2 parts B is close to the Lucas formula.

I want to use 5 gallon buckets instead of 5 gallon planters.

I plan on growing one or two plants max due to the limited space and I have Crystal seeds from ILGM. I want to use the mainline training technique.

I’m open for any advice and ideas a get before I start.

Hey there! I used 5 gallon buckets and feel like I got good results. I bought 2, 5 gallon buckets for each plant as well as a “pan” to catch the extra water. (you know, those terra cotta pans that you put under house pants to contain any extra water), I drilled several holes in the inner bucket so the water can run through when I water and flush. I put a filter fabric in the bottom of the inner bucket to keep any soil from being washed through. In the outer bucket I cut a hole so the excess water could drain out into the “pan”. This excess water also helps raise the humidity which is something I needed. I filled the buckets to the top with Fox Forest Ocean Soil and, after watering it settled down to about 1.5" below the top of the bucket which I feel is just right. Sounds like you have all the right equipment to have a good grow! I went with MH and HPS but didn’t make proper preparations for the amount of heat generated. If I had it to do over i would probably start with LED technology to save operating costs and avoid dealing with the heat although the smell needed to be exhausted as much as the heat.

I’ve been using my traditional herbs as a “dry run” but, I know that they don’t behave anything like marijuana. I like the idea of filter fabric. What is it the coffee filter variety? Also, I know the risk of fungus gnats and I planned to use a layer sand to keep an infestation from happening. My LED keeps the box around 77 degrees consistently but, the MH raises the temp to about 79-81. Should a consider adding another vent hole?

those temps aint going to hurt you… a small fan moving the air constantly should even bring that down a point or two. I would have expected higher temps with both lights on so what you have is good.
before you plant your smoke…set up your tent and “Dry Run” for a couple days with all of your lights and fans and such on timers. This will allow you to track temps and humidity so you know if you need to make any adjustments. I wouldn’t stress on those temps… 77-81 degrees is pretty solid,… not perfection, but solid…
question… is all of your exhaust system up high? filter, ducting, everything? if not,… move it up…that should drop you another degree or two I think

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Sorry for the confusion. I planned on switching to the HPS for flowering and I was going to use the LED mainly for vegitative growth and also the MH bulb depending on how the mainlining goes… The CFLs I heard are best for seedlings since the HID lights are too powerful. At any given time, only one light system will be used.

Yes the exhaust is all up high. I thought about moving it out side the box and having the fan blow into the filter but, I wAnted to keep it Stephen as possible.

when I designed mine I designed it with the fan inside…makes the box less conspicuous … but I have seen many who place the fan outside the tent/box because it does help a little in keeping heat down… but honestly your temps are not bad…would be awesome to get them between 70 and 75 but I think as long as you are staying under 85-90 you are not going to have any heat related issues.

I used filters designed for HVAC. Seem like fiberglass spun and layered,
hold soil in nicely. I did not use any sand and I have had no problem with
pests of any kind. My grow space stayed around 80 with highs of 84-86 on
hot days. I ended up putting my HPS on 250w, (I have one that has different
output levels) and still have relatively high temps!! Plan to go to a 6"
exhaust fan on my next grow. I have issues with that wonderful smell too so
I feel a larger fan is necessary.

Thanks for the advice, Guys.