First Indoor Grow - Do-Si-Dos clone

Hey guys,

I’m about to start my first ever grow! Pretty pumped, won’t lie. I created a 2x2x4 tent out of PVC and Everbilt Flexible Aluminum Foil Duct. I will be using the Viparspectra F1000 for light; I set up an Arduino and created a smart outlet to control many variables in the room (Humidity, Temperature, PPFD, Light cycle) using relatively simple coding. Does anyone have any tips for growing, specifically the Do-Si-Dos? I’m doing Fox Farm soil with the Fox Farm Trio nutrients. As far as watering the plants goes, I was planning on using tap water. I read online to put a couple drops of hydrogen peroxide in the water and let it sit out for 24 hours before adding nutrients and balancing the pH. I found a pretty solid data sheet online that provides the mL to use to nail in the NPK ratio values throughout the grow process, as well as suggested values for humidity, temp, PPFD, and light cycle. I know there is something about needing lots of microbes through MICROnutrients (not Nitrogen, Phosphorous, or Potassium) in order for the nutrients to break down in the soil. Not really sure what to go with here, so this would be a good place for advice to start. I’m ordering two clones for 115 from Strainbank to begin the process. Let me know what you guys think of my plans so far and anything I should change!



There’s a mouth full of answers that are not short ones but I’ll try to help as much as I can. First welcome to the neighborhood…
It’s been a while since I used fox farm trio but the big bloom bottle is loaded with microorganisms for the soil along with some other :poop: literally :laughing: :point_down: below is the ff feeding schedule for soil and i followed it as is and did really well it was later when I tried adding a bunch of other products and change the schedule is when i started having issues. I do recommend getting the sledgehammer if you haven’t already and use it as it’s directed in the schedule I posted :point_down: another good idea is to setup the pots and wet the soil and let it sit while you are getting the seedlings going in some rooters or solo cups etc. I think I covered most of the questions but feel free to add more or point at the ones I missed :laughing: and good luck


I haven’t grown dosidos but I did grown two tangie x dosidos. I noticed they seemed to need more nutes in flower than other plants I have grown.

Above is a picture of the one I grew outside last year. She gave gave me about 3/4th of a gallon of dense sticky bud.

Best to you!


Like I said it’s been a little while since I have used it. Thanks for the information.

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Holy shit

Exact values for the nutrients I use, and I thought it was weird there was no ec values! Thanks dawg

@nuchh here’s the new version of the feeding schedule. I never had an issue with Cal-mag when I was using the trio but you know how companies are they probably changed their mix so they could sell you another bottle :laughing: :rofl:

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More nutes in flower good to know. I read online in a bunch of other forums on here that these charts have higher than experimental recommendations to maximize profit and it can cause root burn and shit. I’m thinking start with about a half of the recommended dosage in veg and work up to full by flower? Definitely pumped for the grow I’ll keep it updated appreciate yall


I didn’t go over this new schedule but on the old one it did start at half of what the bottle said. That all could have changed since I used it

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Good to know! Thanks again

I have a Dosidos question. I have read that dosidos has a peanut butter like terpene profile to it. Does it really smell like peanut butter? Did anyone get a hint of peanut butter.? Too many strains to try so I thought I would ask those who have grown it out. I am curious about this one.

I can not envision how foil duct would be used to make a grow space. You have to post a photo. 4’ is really short.
I wrapped a 30x30" x 7’ PVC frame with Mylar. The grow space did not need to be light secure because the room it is in (an unused bathroom) is. Other DIY tents use foil faced insulation board.

I’m new to forums,

I guess it probably would have been smarter to post a picture. I have an old one before I built the door sheet on the front. Here it is.


Do you think it’s worth it to upgrade size before even attempting one grow, or would LST along with a scrog next to even the canopy and keep it low solve this issue?

@nuchh you did not let the photo upload before you hit reply ? The photo never posted .
I like the fact you made the effodt to buikd your own tent :tent:, love it !