First Harvest Ever in the Books


I’m one proud mama!!! And I thought pregnancy was stressful! After 6 HOURS of trimming, getting a sunburn and an aching back, my gurl is now hanging in my office and standing up the place.


Enjoy your hard work… :grin:



Congratulations on your first harvest! :clap: :clap: :clap: Great job :+1:


Congrats looks good.




Your rewards look wonderful now it’s to sit back and enjoy, Unless your already planning the next grow LOL


Congratulations on your harvest!


That is awesome! I also like how you have them hanging with the guitars. :+1:




There beautiful congratulations :confetti_ball::champagne::tada::balloon:


I trimmed up four plants a couple weeks ago. It took almost two days for me and a friend to get through everything and jar it. Good problems to have!:v:t4:


Congratulations, they look very nice.


Now…make sure it gets cured well…and have the wonderful pride of smoking you own.
First time: do it all by yourself. dun share the first smoke. put on your all time favorite cd and sit and grin.


Congrats on your harvest.


Looking good :sunglasses:


Good job and welcome to your new growing addiction lol