First Grow ever Need lots of Help

Thanks for the compliment!!! It makes me feel like I might have done something right. I really do appreciate all of your help!

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Almost forgot to say that does confirm 2-3 weeks at least.


Okay! Sounds great. It will be an early Christmas present!!!

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You’re absolutely doing everything right. :v:


Thank you sooooooooooo much!!! I wouldn’t be here without all of your help and support! :+1::ok_hand:


those are awesome. How do you time them to be “almost but not quiet” ?? I cannot tell one thing from another on my own plants. Clear? Cloudy? I’m clueless!!

Beaustful plants dude.


Thanks so much brother!

Plant number 3 out of 4… anyone think this plant is ready to flush for a day or two and get into the dark to start drying? Or am I too early on this one, as well? here’s the whole plant:

and here’s the last one, this one’s a beauty like some of yours!


Those are beautiful!!! You have done a miraculous job with your plants!!!

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Looks pretty good to me.

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It looks like they are cloudy to me but you will have to talk to the experienced members to know.

@Graysin @HMGRWN @Nicky @TheVirginian do a lot of Gollybillagers Trichomes look cloudy (because they look that way to me) or is it just the pics.


They look like they are somewhat cloudy. Transitioning from clear to cloudy - maturing, so to speak. I’m not the best at seeing the differences or explaining them, but I know Nicky has good explanations.

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@gollybillager I’d personally give those about 12-17 days. Let those trichomes mature.

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Depends on high wanted, but I see a lot of clouds

I pulled mine when I first saw amber and I thought I wanted a head high

It was ok for a while but now I wish I had waited

If you have the luxury of having several different harvests, I’d love to have some head high, and some other for couch lock

If I had to do again, I’d wait for more (some) amber, which I see none

If you want a racey high, it’s real close

You want a total stoned couch lock, wait for amber trichomes


Yeah I am looking forward to getting the couchlock feeling as well as some head high!

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@Graysin and @Mr_Wormwood have laid you with Thier 2c so I’ll provide mine.

This is what I see as well, not ready yet even for a sativa.

Remeber that strain genetics and terpenes have alot to do with effects and harvest time can make a difference as well but it’s one piece to a very complex puzzle.

I belive this is true to minimal understanding of cannabis, however the statement is lacking a bit of depth that I would like to touch on.

Amber tricombs are when THC had degraded into CBN, however this doesn’t mean the plant/ tricomb is loosing potency just yet. Thc can still be increased at a faster rate then it its degradation into CBN for a while, however we don’t have a way to measure this in a non lab environment. So don’t fear the Amber to much.

One of the most important values of inspecting tricombs is to inspect the tricombs for shape, we are looking for long stocks and bulbus heads (think mushroom shape). Often growers harbest by only inspecting what they see as clear, milky, Amber and fail to recognize shape and maturity which is key.

Understanding that CBN can be used effectively as a sleep aid or sedative allows us to not fear the Amber but respect it.

30% Amber for a sativa is great because it allows mature clear and cloudy tricombs of 70%, while the amber /cbn in those aged tricombs should generally be minimal in effect as to not ruin a good stimulating high.

50% Amber for indicas or more is where you want to start exploring harvest windows while harvesting for a true sedative effect.
Each plant will be different and leaving plants to mature to long will reduce terpenes and eventually potency.

Here is a heavy indica I grew once, harvested it and it has a nice strong stone to it but I wouldn’t say it’s couch lock or sedative.
I recently cleared a bunch of images so don’t have an ideal picture to give as an example for indica Amber percentage. However you can see all the tricombs are mature.


Well said. It’s so worth waiting for.


Okay the plants I have are 1 Gorilla Glue, 2 Bruce Banner and 1 GSCE all from ILGM. I am trying to determine when to harvest each in order to get the best high out of each. I really appreciate @Nicky for the explanation… Thanks for the input!

Well Bruce banner as soon as all the tricombs are mature and with a touch of Amber like 30% max.

Gsce… I don’t know the strain profile by heart but it’s a hybrid so 40% ish or so

The GG4 ide let that baby ripen good, use it in comparison, try and get a heavy body stone out of it 50%+

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