First Grow ever Need lots of Help

Newbie. Should I start with 3 or 5 gallon pots?


I am using Coco Coir and Perlite mixture. Really need all suggestions you can come up with.

Depends. Are you planning on a longer veg, moving the plant outside or even planning on transplanting later. All of these are good reasons to go with a larger pot.

My indoor grows usually tolerate 3 gallon fabric pots. Some of my outdoor stuff went straight to 5 or 7 gallon.


Also my very first Grow! Need to know how much all the helpful info you can help me with!

Going to keep them indoors all the time and I am using 3 gallon Cloth pots.


Welcome @VOL4LIFE
I am growing right now in coco perlite in 3 gal pots. 2 plants in a 3x4 tent. Its full wall to wall.
Thats plenty big for the plants. Last grow I used a 1 gallon pot and got good results. 7oz dry from one plant.


Thank you so much!

I would love to help, are you going with a indoor tent set up, or an exposed indoor grow? PS love the name since I’m from the volunteer state.


Yeah… Go Vols! I am growing indoor in a 5 X 5 tent and a 600 watt LED light, any help would be greatly appreciated!


@SKORPION GO VOLS!!! Thanks for your message!

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I use 3-gallon cloth bags indoors.

Ok a 5x5 that’s a big space , what kinda lighting are you using? that’s the most important part of any indoor grow… I mean your replacing the sun.

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I changed tents to 4 X 4. Hope it will be better than 5 X 5.

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I need to know what light level and light height should be for Vegetative stage

Im under the impression, all transplants are stressful, so if you dont have to transplant great👍 it just depends on how much medium you want to use and water at first. If you have her in a smaller pot at first its obviously it is easy to water and it doesnt use a lot of medium as well, then when she’s ready to grow then you have to transplant for more room and food. But if you have all the stuff then go ahead and just use one pot. Idk about this for sure. Am i wrong? When i was told this way it finally made a little more sense to me and i wasnt as worried. Sorry if im wrong im in no way any kind of green thumb im just here to learn.

Im also new the title is exactly what i wanted to say lol im starting a small grow 2-3 plants in 7 gall. fabric pots, 4’x4’x80" tent and im using a BestVA 1200 LED

I am gonna use 5 gallon Fabric pots for 4 plants in a 4ft X 4ft X 80 " tent. 600 watt light.

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I am under the impression that transplanting Autos is a bad idea so can I just start in a 5 gallon pot and avoid Transplanting?

I also am wondering if i should start to finish in the same pot im using 7 gall fabric pot in 4x4x80 tent with BestVA dc series 1200w led i wanted to do 2-3 plants im worried that my light is not enough for 2 in a 4x4 will i be ok or should i just grow 1 at a time. I bought this light because i was researching light for days then i watched a video on YouTube best lights of 2021 on amazon and they were all hundreds of dollars then the #1 spot went to bestva dc series 1000w so then i completely forgot everything i researched and impulse purchased the bestva dc 1200w now im worried its not enough for a 4x4 im finding conflicting answers i just need enough for 2 possibly 3 plants in a 4x4 also is my tent to big for 2-3 plants?

@VOL4LIFE and @iDontKnowGrow

Welcome to the community. Here you will have great support and many seasoned growers that will provide information no matter what method or nutrients you use.

I am going to tag in @drbrn (Hope I have his handle correct) for light expertise. All I know about lights is to look at your specs and see what the actual wattage is-not what is advertised. From what I have read (note read) you need 50 watts per square foot.

@Nicky grows in coco and can help with those questions.

I grow in living soil organically both indoors and outdoors right now.

I am going to tag a few other peeps that have given me great advice.

@MeEasy, @emgoldslo @Calizona @Covertgrower @HippieRunner @PurpNGold74