First grow and im wondering if this is alright


Looks good.

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this is my first attempt at L S T and im not sure what else to do from here. Also its like 18 days old.Is it to early to prune some of the big leaves off so the light can gat to the smaller leaves

is it to early to prune some of the big leaves off?

I wouldn’t, unless it’s dying.

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Can you suggest when i should start pruning or anything that you can see from the pics that im not doing

Generally your pruning to open the plant up for air flow and light to get to lower bud sites. I’d wait to start pruning till you start flowering. You’ll better be able to identify the areas to chop as she stretches out.

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thanks i wasn’t sure on pruning …i watched u-tube and some prune early and some don’t just trying to figure things out…i don’t want to screw her up, from what people are saying shes doing real good for how old she is …thank alot

Good start, just relax. We all think we need to be doing something all the time at the beginning. I was just on a post discussing that.


thanks SKORPION…lol…im just making sure …i didnt want to screw her up


@Tazzie here’s a good link/guide to topping and pruning your plants.
How To Top A Cannabis Plant For Better Bud Yield!

Them little ones need those big leaves to grow big roots, and that makes healthy plants. When it fills out heavy I trim for airflow and trim for light access, otherwise I don’t mess with them…

Good looking … thank’s Draco1

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Thanks fast-grow

@SKORPION and yes we did meet when we was talkin to
zee, had a pretty good conversation going but I forget now what it was about. My short-term memory ain’t what it used to be… Weed do that to you. Didn’t want to talk in my journal.


It’s cool, you will discover things kinda go off track @Draco1. I know both mine and zees started as a help post, then a journal. Now I got people posting pics of there grow and asking questions. Its kinda living it’s on life, like a child that grew up.


Yeah that tends to happen in a forum, but sometimes we can moderate it. see I started one journal in the wrong place and then I moved it to the actual journal page

What are you growing? strain auto / photo?
Did you top above 2nd node?

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this girl is a seed from a bud of some weed that a friend had but he doesnt know what it was.I smoked it and it was some good nugs…and yes it was the 4th node…and i think its a photo i toped her yesterday and there doesnt seem to be any shock with the plant

Be kind and water them after you top them. And dose anyone talk to their plants with loving voice?? You’re supposed to. Proven facts showing your plants love help them grow. They are alive you know