Female plants produced seeds

I had 4 plants that were just harvested, 4 different varieties. I grow 2 and my husband grows 2. They were all regular feminized seeds. His plants are closest to the door of the room they are in. My plant farthest from the door had no seeds. my other plant, I noticed when harvesting, had some seed buds but they were not matured. Next, his plant that was the second one from the door had a few dozen seeds near the bottom of the plant. His plant closest to the door was absolutely loaded with seeds from top to bottom. Since they were all female, my guess is that they were stressed from leaving the door open…it was actually daytime for us and nighttime for them because someone suggested we do that in the summer to help control heat. My husband insisted the door being open wouldn’t affect them(they are not in tents) because the door is located next to a hallway with no windows but I think it stressed the babes because it was daytime light. We’ve never had this happen in 5 years of back to back grows. Is this a good assumption?
Also, now that we have all these seeds, will they be all female since no male was involved and will the bud on these be weak now? Sorry, I tried to tie 3 questions in as they are all related to the seeds.

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If any of them was exposed to light during what should be lights out period, then you have had at least one hermie on you. The second one near the door with the hermie likely was pollinated by the first. Honestly you are lucky they all weren’t pollinated. I’m not fully sure about how potent the one with all the seeds may be. It could have some potency but I wouldn’t bet on it, especially when compared to the others without seeds.


I think those seeds will be regular seeds so if you do germinate them in the future treat them as such and expect somewhere around 50/50 male/female


Thanks for taking your time to try and help, this is such new territory since we never had it happen before and we are just trying to figure it out. Sorry to say that I remain confused, I can’t get it straight in my head because info from one place seems to contradict info from another place. Some talk of different kinds of hermies and say the seeds could be different depending on how/why the plant hermied. :crazy_face: Up until you(Skydiver) told me they could be 50/50 male/female I had read some say they would be hermie seeds and others said all female and yet others said non-viable, this is the first I’ve read that they could be male, I’m not at all saying you are wrong, I’m just saying I remain confused. Plus now I have a whole new question as to the two that had seeds, they were different varieties so I wonder if one pollinated the other…one pineapple express and the other granddaddy purple…did it create a combined strain or is it still the variety that I planted…or will just the seeds be a new variety…omg…I just know zilch about the seed making process and wonder even how a plant makes seeds in the first place if the seed sacs burst…I’m really exposing my ignorance on the subject!

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I would like to offer my honest advice in regards to your situation and back up from whether or not the seeds will or wont be viable and let’s figure out what could have caused it in the first place. IMO I would suggest starting with your flower room/ grow area. I would recommend going into where your plants have their dark period, during the dark period time and have yourself a seat directly in where your plants are and act like your a sleeping plant and and if there is ANY light whatsoever find a way to get that room as dark as possible because the smallest amount of light during your lights off can herm a plant out especially if they are suppose to be femenized seeds because if i remember correctly even though they are female they will hermie out with light leaks. I hope this helps and as I said I would start with fixing what caused it than move forward to ensure it does not happen again than I am sure we can tag a few that can tell you more about seeds. Good luck and let me know if you need any help!


As @GreenFlex said, my understanding of the issue is that these were feminized seeds. As long as you are relatively sure that they are feminized, then the problem most likely is light leaks. You have said that a door was left open, which leads me to believe light was allowed to leak in during lights out. There’s a possibility that it could also be genetics at play also.


Yes, they were all feminized seeds and I agree it happened due to light exposure during their nighttime…it was during our daytime/their nighttime and the door was left open everyday till about halfway through bloom time because my husband said it didn’t need to be closed because the hallway by the door had no window and it was dark ‘enough’. He finally agreed to shut the door and by then the damage had already most likely occurred. Our light leak was more like a light tidal wave imo. We used to grow in tents so the door was not as big of an issue…we learned that it def is…the hard way.

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Your husband was wrong, although the light leak wasn’t necessarily the cause, or single cause of the hermaphroditism. Interior doors usually have a large gap at the bottom for clearance and airflow. Even with the door closed, you ought to come up with a better system that is light-tight. Tents are inexpensive…

But some cannabis is naturally monoicous. Some are prone to express that monoicous trait due to environment, with varying sensitivities. Many female plants with produce a pollen sac or two on a lower branch just as a survival mechanism. GG4 is known for doing this.

Were your previous plants autoflowering plants, by any chance?

The seeds should be fine, however the offspring are likely to produce the same phenotypical expression; they will likely produce pollen if you repeat the same process.

I want to speak in defense of seeded flower. It’s not ideal, but it’s also far from the end of the world. Many of us remember when seeded flowers were all you can get; traditional hashish is typically made from seeded herb. I would not stress over this, although your husband has lost decision-making privileges for a few grows.


We still own three tents but are just using 1 at the moment for my clones. We use LED lights and didn’t realize one of the lights had gone bad and was making our grow room 90+ degrees…foxtail galore. It was our first grow in a new home and we thought the home was not insulated well enough to keep up with the A/C so we then switched rooms thinking the window faced a less direct sun view and yet still had the same issues only worse. We finally noticed one of the lights was too hot to touch and that had been the whole issue. Lucky we discovered it before the next grow because I think it was dangerous…not a cheap light either. Our reasoning was faulty and only got more faulty after that. Now this…I appreciate you all being so calm concerning this issue as I have read some awful things that have been said to folks with this issue. I’ve got another grow ready to start with new seedlings so I will have him put the tents back up after work today.

Also, yes, we did try growing autos for awhile but I hated growing them…I love cloning so I’m not constantly buying seeds and like trying different things like topping. Anyway, we grew autos for about a year before I gave the rest of the seeds away. To me, autos were just boring to grow but I have more time to deal with regular plants than most people so I know autos have their place with people who like or need the ease of them. Our last grow was the 2nd grow after the autos. Why do you ask, does that make a difference?

We have only been growing for about 5 years and have grown some nice bud but we have yet to learn enough to have harvests bigger than 2.5 ounces per plant no matter the variety. I appreciate you all taking the time to try and teach me about this particular aspect. I’m certain there is SO much we need to learn!

My husband was adamant about not using the tents but did end up agreeing to it…with an acceptable compromise. I will tell him his decision making privileges are on hold. :laughing: At least with the tents we could do our own thing…he likes to veg 2 weeks less than I do, etc…


AFAIK, Autoflowering plants haven’t demonstrated the tendency to express hermaphroditism due to light leaks.


This summer I grew an amnesia haze autoflower and it was full of seeds. I wanted to see if the seeds were viable and hoped they would all be female. I soaked 23 of them and they all germinated. 2 had trouble poking their heads up and got behind the rest so I culled those two and one other with a slow start.

Left me 20 plants. Within two weeks of popping their heads up 10 of them started showing signs of flowers developing. By week 3 all ten showed themselves to be males. No hermies, but 100% males. The other ten started flowering about ten days after the first ten and all appear to be all female.


Sorry, but this made me loooool :joy::joy::joy::joy:
I can just picture myself sitting in a dark room lookin all droopy and sad… :joy::joy::joy:

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I’m leaning toward the reason being ‘why it hermied’. I have read so much conflicting information about hermies. Some have all feminine seeds, some say they have had all hermies and you saying a 50/50 mix between male and female causing me to wonder why people get different results. I have decided without being proof positive that it makes a difference in seeds as to how/why they hermied. With mine, I think they were highly stressed from getting no complete darkness. I’m guessing that for that reason, my seeds will be feminine…just from reading peoples outcomes so this is just a guess. I still have no idea if my seeds may be cross-pollinated and maybe the seeds will be a sort of strain mixture? Since you had male and females, maybe you had the type of hermie that has a male part/banana in it somewhere? I drive myself crazy trying to figure things out so I don’t repeat mistakes…hopefully going back to using tents will fix my issue.


No need to be sorry for sure but trust me I have done this except with this scenario the darker the room the happier a grower should be lol

@rosallie I am sure that we can get you an answer on what the possibility is on these seeds as I don’t have that extent of knowledge just a guesstimation so I would like to "phone a Growmie or several actually… I am sure @KeystoneCops @Skydiver @Budbrother @ReconBravo @Covertgrower @Hellraiser @Enlightened420 or anyone I may have missed can help answer the seed question better than I Good Luck and best of luck!


My northern lights autoflower was grown outdoors during the peak of the summer. It also fox tailed on me as well. It was probably environmental issues in my case.

@rosallie I’m going to need to do some research because I don’t currently know the answer. The best way to find out if the seeds are A. XX or XY or B. monoicous or dioicous, is to sprout 20 from one cross and find out.

I wouldn’t want to assume anything about what the pollen is carrying. Even in intentionally feminized seeds, 1/1000 will be a natural male. My question about the feminization process is “do STS or colloidal silver function to induce staminate flowers AND suppress the Y chromosome?”

I’ll read into it. No harm in sitting on those seeds for now.


I’d say chances are good that the seeds will be female (99,9% of them anyway) since there were no males involved. Every seed I have produced thru light stressing during dark hours has turned out female. I do it on purpose (in a very controlled manner) at times to produce fem seeds, easier than messing with STS or CS.


Oh I totally get it, I don’t doubt the technique at all. If I could fit in my tent I’d probably do it!

@rosallie good luck in finding the problem. I’d love to tag along to see what Mr Cops comes back with after his research

Looks like you are in good hands here.

CJ. x


Wow! Kewl everyone, glad you are here and willing to help so much!

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Interesting predicament.
Firstly, I’m with Flex and regularly do the plant pantomime, during my previous grow in flowering I checked the grow zone for light leaks every 2 weeks, as I have a dual purpose tent, I was worried about leaks from the veg section, into flower room.
Every one made valid points, I’m hoping Hellraiser is right about the female seeds, purely for your future grows. Keystone makes a very valid point also, plant 20 and monitor them in a scientific manner (record your data unbiasedly)

Hope your research goes well.

Good vibes, keep it green :v: