False advertising?

I bought Big Bud seeds because of what they said the Yield was (16-20oz per 3ft)
I had 2 crops of 2 or less oz per plant, now I have 8 plants and this wont even be a pound total. The smoke is awesome but this takes about 6 months and not the yield ILGM said it is.

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All seed banks you have to remember these numbers are based on 100% perfect growing conditions. We don’t get perfect conditions as a home grower.


@danfurlong do you have a grow journal running? There is a ton that goes into growing big yields, mostly time, light, and water. If we can follow along we can help you get to those big yields.


Also it is a 3ftx3ft space so if conditions are optimal AND you fill a 3x3 area with one plant than you could potentially get that 16oz per plant.
What lights are you using?
Are you training them?
Do you use a SCrog net?
And so on…
As you learn your yields will go up.

Good luck with your current grow and ask questions if needed we are here to help.


To give you an idea how big the girl will have to get for that yield.

She was over 75” tall and 8 feet wide.



Yield is going to primarily depend on light, what light you using?


This support ticket helps people help you. Please copy and paste this and fill it out the best you can. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you don’t understand anything.

What strain are you using?

How many days ago did the plant sprout?

If applicable, how many days since initiating flowering (ie. going to 12/12 day/night light cycle)

Are you using pots or hydroponics?

If pots, what soil/substrate are you using and what is the brand?

What size pots are you using, how often do you water and how do you determine when to water:

What do you pH the water/nutrient solution to before watering the pots?

What nutrients are being used, if any, when watering the pots?

What is strength of nutrient mix in ppm or dosage, if any, that you add to the pots?

What are the pH and ppms of runoff that comes out the bottom of the pots?

If hydroponics, what size is the reservoir?

How often do you change the water in the reservoir?

What nutrients are being used, if any, in the reservoir?

What is strength of nutrient mix in ppm or dosage added to the reservoir?

What is the pH and ppms of the reservoir solution?

Is the grow Indoor or Outdoor?

What size is the grow space (room/tent)?

What type and size light system are you using?

What height is the light from the top of the plants?

What are the day and nighttime temps?

What is the day and nighttime humidity?

What type of ventilation system are you using?

Do you use a A/C, Humidifier, and/or De-humidifier?

Do you use CO2?

Any other info you think is pertinent:

You’ll need lots of light to get results. @danfurlong


I use 4 of these

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Hi @danfurlong. Folks are correct that the referenced yield is really for ideal conditions, particularly lighting.

The lights you are using aren’t known for producing big yields as they don’t produce large, dense flowers. Most of us have owned them (myself included) and have moved on to higher quality lighting precisely for that reason. You can search on “burple” lights here to read more on folks’ experiences with them.

Adequate MH, CMH, HPS, or high quality LEDs such as those produced by HLG will get you closer to the referenced yield.


I started out w 2 of those exact 1000w Yehsence Chinese blurple lights. Lol …that was about 2 years ago. I’d say just about now I could pull it off with proper ScroG and some extra time. Oh and real lights, It is definitely a little misleading to walk right into it and think that. But it’s like anything else…gotta have a little bit of practice before you pop out perfection… I mean even though I’m perfect and all… ROFL


A piece of photographic art called: “The Best Place For A Burple”. Lol.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.


The variables are endless with that but I bet if you let your plant veg for a year of grow outdoors for the year you’ll hit it. That’s the only way I could do it… LoL

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If my lights arent good enough, what is? share a link

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Please tell us about your growing environment. Tent size is probably the most important factor in narrowing your choices.


You’ve made the same mistake as many people on forum have made myself included. Most lights on Amazon are junk. Honestly I’m surprised that you got the results that you did. But that is a positive thing. You clearly want to succeed at growing big dense buds. So you have close to $400 in lights and can’t believe that you have wasted your money. Lights are the most important factor in bud density. If you can afford to buy more lights then you can get some great information and advice. Right here on forum. You should consider starting a grow journal. That way everyone can help you out when you need advice and follow your progress.

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growing in a 12x12 room, excellent climate and ventilation, conditions could not be better. Thought I did the homework on lights but not what yall are saying. Yes alot of money invested, I had a HPS light last crop but it quit working, lots of wasted money trying to get this right.

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An HLG 260XL will flower a each 2x4 area very well. CMH, MH, and HPS are options too. I’ve never grown with the latter, but @Hellraiser has and can probably help with coverage estimations.

@dbrn32 is the lighting expert here.


If you want the most bang for your buck and have some ability to DIY then you could build a light that will be superior to most retail lights. If DIY isn’t something that you are interested in doing then you should consider Horticultural lighting group LEDs. To light a 12x12 area you need to spend quite a bit of money. I’m going to link a DIY build just to give you a idea of what it involves building your own lighting. @dbrn32 is the lighting guru he can help decide layout of lights in that large of a space.


The bitch about boost strips is they are ALWAYS sold out…do I sound bitter… LMAO. ya I did the email notice …just stoned a lot & couldn’t time it right… LMAO
Did the quantom board thing… HLG great lights real happy
Did you say a 12*12 @danfurlong – DAMN that’s nucking futs …so much room you :dog2:!!Nice to meet ya btw welcome to the forum… Good luck