Fabric Pot Risers/Stands

An elevated rack (2x4 on edge) over a couple saucers.

Slide the saucers out and dump the runoff. Good to go until tomorrow

Same concept except on a wheeled scrog frame

Another setup

you get the idea


Damn @GreggT . I would LOVE to have an actual room instead of just a tent.

I’m really digging that SCROG setup your working with @beardless . How long do you typically veg in order to take advantage of that thing?

While I was away I stopped by Lowes and bought these cheap metal kitchen racks. They should do the trick.

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This is what I got from HTG. The height is perfect for my tent.

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Veg time is fairly typical. I mostly manifold my plants which adds a little time. 60 - 70 days is normal.

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