Fabric pot in tent,

What do you set it on in your tent? Directly in a saucer or on top of something in a sauce so it doesn’t sit in runoff?

I use Clear Plastic Plant Saucers. The run off will collect In them. Just don’t over water

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Pot risers
Many use pvc frames or oven rackd on bricks


@Bonzo @Nicky
I use old oven rack. I’m in soil and here’s a formula I found.
5gal pot x .5 = 1.5 gal of water

So how much water is 5% or 10%?

Use your soil volume to multiply by 5% or 10%

For example: 30 Gallons of soil = (30 gallons of soil x 5% = 1.5 gallons of water)


Personally I have never measured water given. Ever.

Damp it. Wait till its light to the lift or when your finger feels dry in the soil, do it again. Once plants are a decent size you can water to full soak and then lift pots to judge how heavy they are before watering again.

Most people that measure in my experience don’t learn to feel the soil/plant and thus struggle.
It’s more about feeling when to do it.


I started with saucers and risers. They did what they are supposed to do. Keep the container elevated and collect the runoff. The pain with this set up is removing the runoff. I got sick of messing with them and changed to an elevated rack.
Much much easier. This is for my current grow. Five plants, 3 gallon fabric pots.

I usually grow four in 5 gallon using only the larger green saucers.
Either way, they slide out from under the rack to empty and wipe down.

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These work Fantastic.


2 1/2 inch “riser”


My thoughts also. I come from an outdoor growing background and you learn a lot more about your soil from feeling.