Durbin Poison 2nd week of flower just wanted to show

Ilgm seeds
Green Kush photos

This is my first grow. Considering all the things I’ve done to kill them along the way its a surprise the girls are even here at all. I should have started here first and saved myself some trouble, but where’s the fun in that? 11 days since flip and I won’t start asking “how much time?” for several more weeks. :laughing:


@HeyJB Beautiful ladies. You probably have more than 2 weeks… :thinking: :grin:


Beautiful blanket of green. You just keep doing what you are doing! :blush::v:


:ok_hand: thanks!

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At least 3. :laughing:

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Beautiful, how long did you veg them?

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They sprouted March 20th. Then I proceeded to lead them down one hell of a rough road for the next 6 weeks. I let them recoup for 2 weeks following my ah ha moment. That moment involved a desperation flush and my first use of a ppm and ph meter. For the past several weeks I have been on an almost non stop thread reading binge. I feel like Neo. “I think he likes it!”


Very ambitious first grow, and congrats of snatching them back from the jaws of death! They look really good. Enjoy, now that you’re dialed in better!


Seriously… started so innocent and then next thing ya know I’m ankle deep in green! If not for this forum I’d been starting over weeks ago.


Way to go @HeyJB that’s not the easiest thing to do my brother… welcome back from the dead… :rofl::muscle::sunglasses:


What a lovely healthy garden good job

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Thanks a bunch bro!

Thanks Aussie!

No worries @HeyJB keep up with the pics so we can see how ur plants are progressing

I sure will!

Thanks! i think this is the most fun anyone should ever have growing plants.

The top 2 are pics of the top 2 colas on what was the smallest of the green kush. Somewhere along the way she split into 2 at the top. None of the others did this. I haven’t done anything to this plant besides a light trim here and there for light. No training whatsoever. Really liking how they are looking right now. officially at the 2 week mark today from the flip.

Blue dream auto I had no idea she was already starting to flower when I fim’d the tops of both her and the bubble gum and maybe a little late. She is really spurting but sure looks leggy! I have the DLI set to around 45 for this one.

Oh little gum! I really think this one is starting to turn. Short and bushy. I never gave it much thought to how much different the genetics of the different plants would make them look so vastly different from others even when subjected to identical conditions. Awesome stuff!

Looking good bro :muscle:keep doing what you’re doing… best of luck :+1:

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I’ve been tying them out and away from eachother but at some point some are going to just be taller than others right? Just leave em to it after spreading them as much as I can? Should I be doing some kind of HST training on the taller ones?

Fed em today and they really look like they’re enjoying life.

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