Dummest Thing You've Done To a Plant or Grow


I’ll start this one off with an idiot of the week story, I was doing a grow and had read how to add CO2 buy using the old vinegar and baking soda drip trick. The chemical reaction we all remember from our old middle school volcano experiments, produces CO2. Well I had a 16 oz clear bottle of vinegar near the grow tent and one day I decided I needed to water a bit, so watered my plant with 16oz’s of vinegar. Lesson learned never use a clear bottle for Vinegar and ALWAYS mark the bottle!


Yeah that would stink
Hope you flushed that soil
Sorry man but I had to laugh I’ve heard to many stories about the old vinigar bombs going bad

Happy growing


No I didn’t at the time realize how resilient the plants were so just ripped it out :frowning:


Most expensive dumbest thing i ever did was get sucked into the 1200watt replacement led light that only consumes 150 watts out the wall and they were very expensive almost 8 or 10 years ago i spent 2600 on 4 light’s and sold all my hps lights and spent 400 on 8 black ak 47 seeds and only got little fluffy buds hardly bigger than a quarter and to top it off i started feeding 3 time a week because it couldn’t be the new best lights on the market right i burned them up and just thought it was bad seeds and bought even more expensive seeds brunt them up to wasted a good 9 months on nothing sold the lights and went back to mh hps lights and swore if i ever saw another blurple grow light i would burn it. I never cussed so much in my life i almost said the hell with it and quit growing live and learn right.


Don’t mix nutrients or trim while high or drunk and if doing work in big room keep a green flash light with you because when you move plants all around and are so high you see fish titties and you blocked your path so you can pull off dead leaves and the lights go it can take along time to get out of 30x60 room and people will still laugh about it years later.


Great advice there!


Dam man wish you would have posted this first you could have saved them I’m sure of it


@ThcinKC hahaha I agree about tending garden drunk or high
I was so high one time I mixed my nutrients 50x normal strength and even said this looks really dark as I feed my plants but feed them I did
I woke up the next morning in a panic realizing at that point what I did
I ran down to the grow room and looked at cooked plants
I flushed them fir what seemed like forever and finished them off but damage was done and I learned my lesson
Always tend garden then hit the dab rig hahahaha
Too funny guys


Left cap of fresh quart sized bottle of ph pen storage solution on shelf next to plants. While reaching for my beer, bumped it with my elbow and knocked it off shelf completely draining. Shit happens right? Did same thing a week or two later with my full replacement bottle lol.


What was worse was my so called freinds were sitting on the couch looking at the door and when i crawled out of there because i hit my head on so many lights and i didn’t want to fall into a plant i just crawled around till I found the door they even got everybody from outside bbq a brisket to laugh at me when i came out i saw all of them i just laid on my back and yelled i hate all of you and they just laughed even more


Forgetting to turn the air on while it was 110° outside. I drowned her badly with 4 weeks of flower left.


When i was looking at my seeds on the kitchen table my grandma came over and asked what they were i said African tomato seeds i unclogged her vacuum cleaner and she left and i thought i lost 5 seeds i was like what the hell then about 2 month’s later in her tomato garden in this really nice neighbor hood it went flowers grape vine tomatoes then African tomatoes then corn. I saw and was like holly poop she even had 3x5 inch signs in front of everything i went and bought some funny tomatoes at a greenhouse and switched them out and she called asking if the can change that much in a week i about died from trying not to laugh morel of story if your family is gardners don’t let them see you seeds they will grow it for you and try and surprise you with it.


I have to pick just one?


First dwc grow 6 weeks into flower everything was looking very nice , i bumped my timer and messed up dark period and revegged plants i was very very upset


Had a Cali dream in a scrog, tent was 3x3 , screen was almost full and was about to go12/12. Had about 2 months vegg time. Really pissed the ole lady off and now the plant and screen are laying out in the field. So, work to the wise. Happy wife, happy grow