Drooping followed by browning

I was overwatering, which caused the drooping. I have waited to resume watering. I still have them in a humidity dome, and the drooping is barely noticeable. However, some of the lower leaves have discoloration. My overwatering mistake was compounded by the fact that fertilizer was present. Top leaves look fine. Do I prune the damaged leaves now or let it be. Not ready to transplant yet. Room still in dome, and on layer/level 5 of leaves. Looking for advice what my next step is. Ythanks.

If your over watering and in a hum dome take lid off till media drys and then spray walls of dome with a spray bottle and pure water… dont water the media… if they can fit in dome humidity watering is better then direct to the root zone… if you have condensation on sides of domes its plenty moist … if it begins to dry up … ad a few drops to the media bit mainly spray walls

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If you have 5 sets of real leaves your plants are no longer considered a seedling and would benefit from NOT having a dome on them. Ditch the dome.

Thanks about the dome. Is now the time to replant? And do you recommend plastic or cloth containers?

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It’s hard to tell without a photo if your plants need transplanting, but if any question about whether your plant can benefit from a bigger pot then it is time.

Many say cloth pots are better because they “air prune” the roots when they reach the edge, and many claim they get bigger plants, but I have no problem getting big plants in plastic pots.

I like the fact that I can reuse plastic pots over and over and over again with minimal effort cleaning them after each use. They also make sense if you plan on transplanting to a bigger pot since the plant comes out of the pot easier.

Fabric pots require a lot of effort initially cleaning the roots out of the fabric, then a trip to the washing machine and fear that my wife will find out and beat me with a board.

The size of the pot probably plays a bigger role of a successful grow then the type of pot.


Noted. Responded with email which includes info.

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I couldn’t say it better myself. I snorted out loud when I read that.

Have heard this a lot on here. While I agree that plastic pots aren’t that difficult to grow in, are much easier to transplant from, and much easier to reuse, I don’t feel like pot size is very important if using fabric. Biggest problem is having pot large enough to hold plants upright with light breeze.


You helped me with that cup trick watering dome the grew well thanks for the help man

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Anytime @Pedrogunz :sunglasses::call_me_hand:

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