Drooping and cupping


Second grow cycle, I switched to a closed loop system. Water chiller is attached to the system never exceeding 70 degrees.


I think I may have root rot but my roots are not slimy and do not smell at all. Cleaned everything out and rinsed the roots out.
Room temp: 77-81
PH: 6.0-6.3
Feeding schedule: Ph 6.0-6.3
Room temp 77-81
Name of feeding?? We give them cal mag, drip clean, aqua flakes A and B
Anyone have any advise?

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I’m not Hydro at all but pretty sure they shoot for Ph of around 5.5 or so being at 6-6.3 may be causing issues with things

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It does look like a root issue judging from the canopy and your temps. When did you do a rez change last? What is the TDS of your solution? Can you put up a pic of the nutrients used? Are you running something like hydroguard? Do you disinfect at rez changes? All good Q’s.


Water level is way to high…
Lower the water level to 3 inches below that net pot… or 5 inches would be better…
Not enough oxygen…
Roots are clogging the system…


I adjust the water height and backed off the nutrients. Disinfectant the res. Thank you for the help

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Brown roots are a sign of root problems the leaves are cupping because the plant is trying to retain moisture. What did you do before the plant went into survival mode? Was it looking fine one day and the next like that? I hope the advice you have gotten here will spring your plant back up to attention. Also you didn’t mess with the lighting al before the cupping started ?

Not sure what Aqua flakes A and B are. More info would be useful. The pH is OK, but. I shoot for 5.9
I agree with @peachfuzz you may not have enough oxygen going. I use two pumps. A 70 liter per minute (lpm) for the Control Res/Refill res and a 100lpm for the four grow stations. I also keep my water temp at 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

@Myfriendis410 correctly mentioned res changes. A week to 10 days max. I do it weekly. This is the only way to be sure the ratio of nutes is correct and water clean.