Does this look like calcium def?

1st 2 are White Cheese auto in early flower. 28 days old.
Last pic is Zkittles in full flower. 66 days old.
Both showing symptoms for about 10 days or so.
Checked for pests with loupe, no signs at all.


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Phosphorus maybe since it’s in flower and cal mag never hurts if you are not feeding it

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Agreed it looks like early phosphorous deficiency

Upping the Tiger Bloom should slow or stop it then?

@Myfriendis410 I just flushed the White Cheese with water that was a little high Ph (around 7) and checked late runoff (end of 1 gal) it was pretty low (maybe 5.5) Do you think lockout is my main issue and do you think a top dressing of hydrated lime will help?

Sorry; was responding on the wrong thread. Your plants look pretty good to me and your gonna lose leaves as flowering progresses. That’s just the way it works.

Plants look good to me: I like a green canopy as late as possible.

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Thanks for looking. It is just the “rusty” looking fan leaves in top pic that I was concerned with. I am a helicopter parent to my girls and freak at every droop and color change.

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I’m sorry for the late replay I haven’t been as active , I don’t use that line of nutrients

I had this same issue for my first DWC run. I thought it was calcium and honestly, I think it’s the relationship between Ca and phosphorus since they interact. My auto started off with this as soon as I upped my Jack’s to full strength. It got progressively worse with intense light (which is why I questioned calcium levels). Ulitmately here’s what I did. Ignore is kind of a strong word haha. I basically dialed my nutes back (because I was over) 321 at that point and turned my lights down a bit. Most importantly…I pulled my pH into a tighter frame to 5.7-5.8 in DWC. between all those factors you can tell shes better even though the leaves are still a lil ugly. She greened up nice at a higher pH around 6.2 but the flower growth was slow so I’m like idc 5.8 if you dont like it oh well. Shes doing well now so my advice? Focus your pH to promote phosphorus uptake, confirm light intensity is good and see of she if she tightens up. The spotty leaves are are lost cause.

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