Does this bud look healthy

First plant I’ve ever grown, was wondering if looks healthy and how long is left roughly before harvest?

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Looks healthy to me.

It is tough to tell how long to harvest without seeing the tricombes. Do you have some sort of magnification that you can show us?

Best I can do mate

I would guess about 4 weeks yet before she is ripe.

She looks fine, maybe a little darker but I think that is from strain type if not look at this chart… Maybe to much nitrogen, but she looks healthy :wink:.
You will need a magnifier to see when she’s ready… Something like this will be OK for the moment

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Looks like you have a few more weeks to go at least.
I would pick up a jewlers loop or something to monitor the trichomes. Best way to tell when she is ready to come down. Plant looks great though good job👍

Ok, cool, thanks mate. What should the tricombes look like when it’s ripe?

This is the worst mistake an otherwise successful grower makes is to harvest too early. To help avoid that, a good pocket scope is absolutely essential. Remember that the last two weeks will see the most amazing amount of bud growth which you don’t want to miss out on. Nice work so far!

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