Distilled Water from seed to harvest?


I use the water from my dehumidifier. It’s kinda like the circle of life. Lol


That’s a good idea it works ok


I still have to pH and add cal mag etc but it’s an easy source and always available this time of year.


Yeah I’ve just been dumping mine thanks


I mix my tap water with R.O. And try to get it at 200ppms, it seems to be working good for me.


Wow thats pretty inexpensive for an RO unit. How long do the membranes last and have you verified the PPM after using for a while?


The membrane is rated 6 mos to 1.5 years, I think, depending on your water. Mine is not very old, so I can’t attest to that rating. I have tested the ec/efficacy over time. After approximately 400 gallons of water being run through the system (to get approximately 100 gallons of filtered water) there has been less than a .01 increase in the end product’s ec.

So far, so good. :slight_smile: I bought it b/c of the price, the reviews, and the portability. I ended up installing it under my sink, anyway, but it is very portable. I also bought the 4th stage cartridge, but I haven’t used it, yet.


Can I mix store bought distilled water with my tap water to get it to 100 ppm, will this work? also should I still use cal-mag?