Distilled Water from seed to harvest?


Should I use Distilled Water from seed to harvest? If so will the Walmart great value Distilled Water be good?


Ill be honest, knowing that with all technicality, I should use r.o. or distilled. But I use my well water, (very hard at like 860 ppm), add my nutes, check ppm, subtract what my tap is, ph and feed. I have no issues.


I just use my tap water at 175 PPM and use pH down. Works well for me. I also have a 20 gallon system so buying distilled water adds up. I bought my whole set up as a long term investment so I don’t have to pay for my cannabis usage. I did a bunch of trips to the store for distilled water on my first grow, but once I saw the success of others with tap, I chose to buy some pH down and dechlorinator with some hydro gaurd to control my water. Makes life a lot easier in regards to growing for me.


I found an inexpensive r/o unit called the Aqualife RO Buddie for under $60. My well water comes out at about 500ppm & tends to cause lockout issues by early flower. I now use a mix of r/o & well water. I’ve also learned the importance of flushing at transition, too.


Just switched to a similar ‘low-volume’ inexpensive RO. definitely worth not having to buy distilled water.

Use Cal-mag religiously though. Distilled/RO water has all of those minerals removed. You lose ‘good ppm’ as well as bad.


Just the time the RO buddie saved me was worth the $60 :clown_face:


I’ve been using distilled water from Walmart so far so good


It does get a little pricey though I’m going to try tap water next


I mix my tap water ( let it sit out for 24hrs before mixing) with my Rain water or R.O. Water. Make sure my ppms are at 200 and you good to go. You won’t have to ad cal-mag to your mix, the tap water has all the minerals your lacking, hope this helps buddy

my plants are thriving @weedify, and I’m just getting back, my wife had them under control, she just followed my instructions


I have a portable air conditioner in my tent and i use the water given off by that. its like distilled with a ph of 5.3 so i add a bit of ph plus and feed nutes 2 times a week


Started out using only distilled but have found tap works best sitting out overnite with good minerals intact.


My super soil is pretty much just add water and go, but some plants seem to ask for more cal-mag, I play it by ear, if I see no deficiency, I won’t try to fix her.

this one is showing me she needs some attention, it’s my second day back, my wife did a great job at keeping them alive. So today I’m just adjusting and tweeking @Laurap.


BEWARE!!! It is distilled, sort-of, because it is condensate run-off. Have you ever seen inside an AC? That condensation picks up random stuff from the inside of the AC unit as well.


Thanks everyone for helping me out, What TDS Meter would you guys recommend that don’t cost to much but works? I bought this one but have to return it cause it’s not giving me a PPM reading. HoneForest TDS, EC & Temp Meter 3 in 1


I don’t think a ‘primo’ TDS meter is nearly as important as a primo pH meter. I used the one that came with a ‘zero-water’ pitcher for 2 grows :wink:

Also - Cal-mag!


Here’s the one I got. and at 75gallons per day it only recommends changing the filter every year. With the low GPD you get low volume, but this one hooked up to my bathroom sink does a gallon in 10 minutes. I set a timer and have the bucket sitting in the tub in case I get stoned and forget what the timer was for :wink:


Yeah I’m going to try that thanks


Just be sure your adding cal/mag. I started with all distilled now I use a r/o from windmill express self serve station. It comes out of the tap at my station at 6.8ph. 20 cents a gallon


I use well water myself. Comes out of the tap 5.5ph and 0ppm. I have an elcheapo tds meter that reads at 22ppm. But I don’t think it’s very accurate. My blue lab pen reads 0ppm on 500scale, 700scale, and 0.0ec. I haven’t had to use cal mag yet. Hope I never do.


OK So I got the tds to start working, I took the battery out and put it back in anyways I tested my tap water and it says 263 ppm and it lit up red, I tested the water from my fridge and it shows 177 ppm and it to lit up in red. What is a good ppm that plants can handle?