Direct Bank Deposit

I have ordered a number of times in the past, and have always paid with credit-card and had no problems. Most orders were delivered within 10 days of ordering.

This time I paid directly into the ILGM bank account, as I thought I could trust ILGM. My payment was received 12 days ago and my order status shows as “PAID” and my order fulfillment status is UNFULFILLED

Support are a bit casual…“sorry for the delay, don’t know why it was delayed or when it will ship” … and this is unacceptable to me as a customer. I will not be placing any more orders if this is how orders are being handled now.

Has anyone else had problems when paying with Bank Deposit? :unamused::worried::disappointed::slightly_frowning_face:

So it is now 13 days since I deposited the cash into the ILGM bank account ( I cant get a refund from a direct deposit) and the order has not been shipped, and I have not been informed why or when the order will ship.

Unfortunately I have been forced to place an order with another seed bank, and I will not be able to place any more orders with ILGM.

@ILGM.Stacy can you please help this customer out?

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Support can confirm that my payment was received and the order not shipped, but nothing else.They did offer me an apology and a $25 discount voucher for my next purchase, but I won’t be making a next purchase.

I used the bank deposit back in November . It took about a week for the order to show paid then I received my order 10 days after that. Sorry you’re having problems. Hopefully they figure it out soon. Good luck

@Alien I’m sorry to hear you feel that way but If you read on the website it says it can take up to 25 business days @ILGM.Stacy will definitely take care of you but it does take some time sometimes

I’m sorry to hear about your experience @Alien
Please let me help you out with this, I will send you a private message right away.


So support got back to me (thanks Zoe) and informed me that they would contact the warehouse and see why the delay is happening.

On Tuesday 26 Feb I got an email informing me that my order “will ship today” . I am glad that my order has now been shipped, although I am not impressed at having to wait 18 days and contact support several times before my order was shipped.

I do understand that delays do happen, things go wrong sometimes, and I don’t expect everything to be perfect all the time. But I am less than impressed with my order just not moving in the first place, and the fact that support didn’t contact me to inform me about a delay and offer me me an alternative product (or offer me something, just not ignore me). I had to make a fuss and reply to several emails and wait almost 3 weeks before my order shipped.

As for the order I placed with a “Local” seed bank… the seeds were delivered within 2 days of payment, and have germinated already.

To be fair, I am a Cancer patient who, for more than a year, has relied on medication that I grew from seed supplied to me by ILGM. They sell excellent quality seeds, and usually deliver on time.

I will quote the text you can find back in our shipping FAQ:

We are based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Europe). Shipping to the USA takes between 5 and 25 business days. The average is 10 to 15 days. Holdups at customs can cause a delay. But, since we hide our seeds so well, customs will let the package through after inspection. If they don’t, we will reship your order for free.

* We keep all seeds in stock
* We ship 5 times per week
* Your order is shipped within 2 business days after we receive your payment. ( As explained, this part wasn’t possible due to technical issues. However, due to our improved shipping method + Zoe’s request to ship your order out with expedited shipping, you can still expect your order to arrive in our usual ETA. )

If your order does not arrive, we send you new seeds. For free!

We would hate to see you go because of this, if you want to give us another chance in the future. Please send us a quick email so we can help out with a coupon code. :slight_smile:

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Hey did you ever get your seeds?

I did bank deposit 2 separate times first time from the day my $ left my hand at the bank I had my seeds in 14 days 2nd time I got my seeds in 6 days. To me that is fantastic for getting them here to :us: love those guys greaaaaaaat seeds omg

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If I paid for tracking how long until I receive tracking number?

You will receive it in your shipping confirmation email after your payment has been processed. :slight_smile: