Deficiency or Excess?

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I’m growing outside in S. Cal. I finally got a plant to be growing nicely. It’s in FoxFarm Ocean soil. I only added dilute “FF Grow” because I read that the ocean soil can be a bit hot. I always pH my water to 6.5. I use a “garden hose filter”, not RO. It was growing nicely- all green. It got really hot here. Well over 100. When it started flowering, and after it cooled down a bit, I gave it a mid-level watering with “Tiger bloom”. The lowest leaves turned yellow first. Thought it was normal flowering stuff. Now, the leaves are yellowing with brown spots and I think I have male bits growing! A hermie? Can’t tell from photos if it’s Mg, Cal, too much, too little? Can anyone help? I bought crap seeds before I knew about this site. :frowning: It’s my only plant that’s hopefully CBD. Thanks for any suggestions.

ROOT BOUND…need a bigger pot.
last pic showing “pods” at base of stem n main stalk intersect is NORMAL false seed pods. NOT MALE POLLEN SACKS.
Look at pics in Free Grow Guides

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Cool. Thanks, Tanlover442! I really appreciate it. The pot is 70 qt (17.5 gal). I thought that would be big enough (?). So relieved the pods are not male bits! Many thanks!! Whew!

Yes the first and foremost is to transplant it preferably and some good ground… as in good old mother Earth, that has been prepared, or in much bigger pot, 7 gallon or more…your GIRL it’s got no room for the roots 2 stretch out and their binding up on each other “root bound”

In my opinion that’s plenty large enough.


You can grow a 1 lb plant in 10 gallons of substrate. So I don’t think your plant is in a pot that’s causing it stress. Also those are regular female calyx’s. I grow all my plants in well over 100 degrees outdoor and they are always happy as long as they have water. I’m seeing potassium deficiency (the little brown spots), and from what your describing, maybe, a nitrogen deficiency as well (yellowing starting at the bottom of the plant then working its way up). But it is possible that you locked your plants out of some available nutrients when you fed with the Tiger Bloom (maybe the ph was low). I also noticed your leaves aren’t very perky, which generally is a sign of over/under watering (which can also create lockouts by creating thick substrate pockets in which some nutrients are immobile). Your leaves should be up and pointing at the sun, like little satellite dishes. Keep in mind that some plants pull nutrients out of their old growth to shoot it to their new growth as it stretches during the first 4 weeks of bloom, and others show deficiencies towards the end of bloom as they try to canabalize their older growth to put everything into the buds.


Thanks Teri. The pot is 17.5 gal. I would have liked to add more perlite when I planted it, but there was none to be found.

Thanks, 33!!
Before I wrote to the forum, I was afraid the ocean soil and the bloom caused nutrient burn, so I have watered more than usual. I have a pH meter and everything that goes in is 6.5 (I do calibrate). What’s my best move now? I’ll do anything! Can’t put it in the ground as Teri suggested- our ground is like concrete. I’d need a jack hammer. The plant is around 3 feet tall. I’ve removed a lot of the totally yellow leaves.

Well, after flushing just start at a very reduced nutrient strength and gradually increase it. If your soil is primarily coco coir, be aware that coco coir works best ina certain ph range, and it interacts with calcium and phosphorus (I think) differently then other mediums

Thank you!! It’s in Ocean Forest soil. Do I need Ca/Mg? Grow or flower (fox farm)? I also have Seacom (kelp). Thanks so much- this is my only chance to have some CBD this year- if it is what it’s supposed to be.

Hmm to be totally honest, a plant that size shouldn’t show deficiencies while sitting in fresh ocean forest. So I would maybe keep a close eye to not overwater (foxfarm holds a lot of moisture and is a heavier soil) and see if it starts to kick out of it. I would greatly recommend going to a hydro store and buying an adequate sized fabric “smart pot” and transferring your plant from the plastic container to the fabric one. Plastic containers accumulate moisture at the bottoms because they only dry out top down. Fabric smart pots dry out top down + side to side. As the roots hit the edge of the smart pot, they hit pure oxygen, the root tip dies, and the plant sends out another root from the base, giving you a thicker root mass. The roots also don’t hit the plastic edge of the pot and then wrap around which is bad for root related health. Most importantly, you cannot overwater a smart pot as long as it’s not sitting on top of a surface that retains water and doesn’t dry out (the smart pot will leech water from a perpetually moist floor and create moisture issues). I would advocate the usage of fabric pots every time, those plastic ones are no good imo


Sorry I just saw the size of the pot that is way big enough… I relooked at the picture and it looks like a very tiny pot because of the angle sorry my bad

No worries, Teri! I realize I should have included the bigger photo. I think your inclination was correct- the plastic is suffocating the roots. I’ll get fabric pots for next year. I’m undecided about drilling holes around the bucket or inserting “breather” tubes. Thanks for your response! :slight_smile:

Thanks 33!! Next year, I’ll get fabric pots! I put in some aeration tubes- maybe that will help. Really appreciate your advice!!! tubes inserted|666x500

I grew in 5 gal drywall buckets drilled 4 1/2" holes near bottom and 1/4" holes 6" apart top to bottom and 6" apart around the diameter each bucket has maybe 20 holes in each one. Plants grew to 6’ tall and 4’ in diameter. They have 8 to 10 big colas on top and many many tops on all branches. This is my first time out and found this plant to be the easiest plant I ever grew. I believe in the KISS principal KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. Good luck. I just try to not over think things to much.

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Awesome, Skipper! I had some growing in 5 gal buckets, too. I think they were crappy autoflower seeds (not what I ordered). They only grew about 1 ft tall before flowering, so with the next 2 plants, I put them in bigger homes. :slight_smile: One flowered when it was a foot tall again (in this photo, both plants were treated exactly the same). I was torn between drilling holes in the sides and putting in the aeration tubes- this way I can use the pot for blueberries next year- they like it wetter.

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